Why are Rihanna’s fans sure she’s going to have a girl


Is that a sign? Rihanna’s fans believe that the singer revealed the sex of her child during recent shopping trips.

The 34-year-old creator of Fenty Beauty was spotted shopping for children’s clothing at a Target store earlier this month. She and DJ Sita Abellán were spotted with a variety of essentials, including white Gerber jumpsuits and small socks. However, the coral dress seemed to hint that Rihanna has a girl.

The coral-pink dress, which sells for $18, belongs to the Target’s Cat & Jack brand and is called a soutache dress for girls. Textured clothing includes a matching diaper cover.

Of course, one dress does not mean that the singer of Disturbia will have a girl. The chatter died down – until its release on March 25 at Couture Kids in Beverly Hills. Rihanna was noticed when she was shown a children’s trench dress and a small dress with hearts.

Fans in social networks immediately noted her choice. “You can’t convince me that Rihanna doesn’t have a girlfriend,” one person wrote on Twitter on Saturday.

“I’ll just FEEL like Rihanna has a girlfriend, I just know it,” one confident follower tweeted. “And I’m never fucking wrong about anything.”

Another viewer was even willing to put money on the floor of Rihanna’s little bundle of joy, writing: “I bet $5 that Rihanna will have a girlfriend.”