Why Are New Generations Taller Than You? You May Feel A Little Bitter When You Find Out The Reason!


You may have noticed that your generation is taller than the previous generation and shorter than the next generation. So what is the reason behind this situation?

The fact that the ceiling and door of the old village houses are shorter is also related to this situation. You may have to bow your head when entering these houses. This is because previous generations were shorter than today’s generation.

The average height of people 1 century ago was considerably shorter than the average height of today. People who could be considered tall at that time had a stature that could be considered short for today.

Height differences are affected by genetic variation, but of course, this is not the only reason.

Height distribution can also be affected by the amount of environmental diversity. The main reason for this situation is related to this. Genetic variation would be the only factor affecting the height distribution in a population with the same health and nutritional conditions, but these conditions are unlikely to be equal all the time.

Because the conditions are not the same, wealthy individuals who can reach better nutrition and health conditions are taller than poor individuals who are deprived of them. Genetic diversity is not the only determinant, and the effect of environmental diversity is felt significantly in height distribution.

If we give an example from the caste system in India; It has been determined that individuals in a high class are on average 4.5 cm taller than individuals in a lower class.

In a study conducted in Spain, it was found that educated people are about 1 cm taller than uneducated people. Low-status workers (eg, agricultural workers) with less access to health and nutrition were found to be on average 3.6 cm shorter than higher-status workers (eg: lawyer, doctor).

Nutrition quality in childhood is very important, new generations are getting longer as the quality has increased in the last century.Moreover, not only height quality but also intelligence quality increases with good nutrition.

Of course, there is a limit to height, of course, we will not turn into 5-meter creatures one day, and we will enjoy the privileges of adequate nutrition as much as our genetics allow.