Why are little people and fans of the big world criticizing Tory’s upbringing again


Viewers of “Little People, Big World” can’t help but express their opinion about Tori Roloff’s parenting skills. The mother of three children has a lot of work, she brings up children and supports her home. But some trolls just like to point out everything they think she’s doing wrong with a newborn.

Tori has been a fan favorite of the show for years, right up until this season. In front of TLC cameras, the teacher always gave the impression of being very sweet and sincere. Over the years, viewers have watched Tori and Zach Roloff fall in love on a farm, work several pumpkin seasons, get married and start a family. This new season featured a feud between Zach and Matt Roloff that caused the growing family to move an hour down the road to Battlefield, Washington. Now, alone for the first time, the Tories are calling for her choice.

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In a recent Instagram story, Tori shared that her son Josiah is finally sleeping in his newly built crib. But before Tori could enjoy her success, some trolls disagreed with the post. Josiah could be seen snuggled up in a crib, surrounded by a pillow and a gray baby blanket. Followers were immediately outraged by the amount of bedding around the child and felt that it could pose a serious safety risk, especially if Josiah rolled over. One fan noted that a severe heat wave has been declared in Washington State. Extreme comments indicated that Josiah was at risk of getting SIDS, and one of the factors was actually that he slept on too soft a surface with loose blankets.

Some fans of Little People, Big World supported Tori and shared that the mother of three could just pose for a photo, especially for social networks. But opinions in favor of the Tories outweighed those who wanted to see safe sleep practices. Many viewers shared that the safest way to sleep for a baby is without any loose blankets and nothing but a baby in a crib. TLC viewers also took a peek into their filthy Washington home after Zach was captured wearing dirty socks.

Unfortunately, the couple “Little People, big World” is facing a lot of negative reviews, but continues to share their lives with the public. Ever since they left Roloff Farm, fans feel like they’ve isolated themselves from most of their family members in hopes of starting a life of their own. While most consider Tori to be a capable mother, many agree with so many subscribers that she should be more careful about her children’s posts.


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