Why are Family Channel fans blowing up Pedro Jimeno on his IGOOGLE page


Fans of the Family Chantel used to support Pedro Jimeno, but now viewers are scolding the future ex-husband of Chantel Jimeno for the way he treated her before their breakup. Chantelle and Pedro seem to have had a stable relationship during season 3 of the Family Chantelle, although Pedro started season 4 of the series with a sour mood. Now many viewers are directing their anger at Pedro, as the news that he has filed for divorce is spreading among fans of 90 Day Fiancé.

While celebrity The Family Chantel Chantel was still striving to save her marriage, Pedro showed no interest in spending time with his wife during season 4. Pedro was cold to Chantelle and called her names, while he admitted that he returned home from work as late as possible. to avoid seeing my wife. Many viewers were stunned by the complete change in Pedro’s behavior. While he once loved his wife, the newly independent Pedro began to treat her as if she was an annoying person to whom he was afraid to return home. Many viewers are disappointed by the fact that Pedro decided to mistreat Chantelle for so long, and not just file for divorce when he knew that marriage was not suitable for him. Other fans believe that Pedro cheated on Chantelle.

Viewers recently discovered that Pedro has filed for divorce from Chantelle, but he, as usual, talks about his life on social networks. Last week, Pedro shared a series of topless selfies at the gym that were supposed to celebrate his progress at the gym. However, instead, angry fans began to scold Pedro for the way he treated Chantelle. Then he disabled the comments to his photo and deleted everything written. “You never loved her, User!! We’ve all seen right through you,” wrote one angry fan. Other commenters agreed that Pedro proved Chantelle’s parents right, as many said he seemed to have used Chantelle and abandoned her as soon as he became independent. One fan accused Pedro of “machismo” and told him that “wives don’t serve anyone.”

Many viewers urged Pedro to make his marriage with Chantelle a success, as some were not yet familiar with the news that Pedro had filed for divorce. “Don’t leave your wife and don’t let success fool you,” one user warned Pedro. “All signs point to him cheating on Chantelle,” one of the many skeptical viewers chimed in. “Also work on yourself how you feel about your wife,” another viewer wrote in response to Pedro bragging about his results in the gym. Pedro received praise from actor 90-day fiance Biniyam Shibre. Meanwhile, his colleague Antonella Barrenechea liked the images of Pedro topless. Many viewers assumed that Pedro cheated on his wife with a young woman, given their flirtatious banter in the series.

Overall, Pedro has largely lost the support he had among fans of the Family Chantelle, due to how cruelly he treated Chantelle in the current season. Pedro, it seems, could not express his feelings and preferred to drag out Chantelle’s grief, instead of being honest with her. Many viewers of The Family Chantel noted that Pedro, like his parents, does not value marriage or fidelity. Pedro’s family members are familiar with infidelities and broken marriages, and Pedro, unfortunately, failed to break the family cycle.