Why are Aurelio and Lala VIP on the “Island of Temptations”?


Aurelio Savina (44 years old) and his Lala Aluas decide to test the relationship! Since June 2020, the reality TV star and his girlfriend have been going through life together and found the perfect couple in each other: Lala is not embarrassed by the fact that Aurelio claims that he has had about 2000 women in bed, and also allows him to be with to please others. Now these two are taking part in the new season of Temptation Island V.I.P. part. Aurelio and Lala told Promiflash why they decided to do it.

“This show gives an opportunity to test our extreme connection and loyalty to each other,” Aurelio explained in an interview with Promiflash. These two have been spending time together for two years, so a two—week separation is a big challenge and a serious test. Then his Lala agreed: “After such an extreme time, you really know if you have found your partner for life, or you have to admit that he is not the one after all.” She also likes to try new things and is therefore ready for her first TV show.

These two have established rules for themselves to participate in the show and expect each other to comply with them. In addition, “unconditional transparency” plays a role: “This is what our relationship is built on, and we both attach great importance to it,” Aurelio said.


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