Why are Among Us updates taking so long?


When Among Us was launched back in 2018, we could not predict that this would be one of the biggest successes of 2020 and this is especially true for its developers. After all, the game was made by just three friends who did not imagine the proportions that their indie title would take in the midst of a global pandemic.

This is part of the reason why new game updates are taking so long. The folks at developer Innersloth explained more about this recently, as a way to let their fans know about the situation and why we’re not seeing new maps being added frequently.

In a post on Itch.io, the studio commented that it was taken completely by surprise when Among Us exploded in popularity. For that reason, there was practically no time to think about strategies on how to deal with the situation and it was obviously no longer possible to delegate all tasks to just three people.

Recently, the team hired one more employee and spent more than two months restructuring, trying to understand how to deal with the new processes and doing everything possible to get external partners to manage everything. Obviously, this period prevented a better focus on the game, but it was the best decision to make everything easier and faster in the long run, according to Innersloth.

In addition, the decision to place the game on more platforms, such as the Nintendo Switch and Xbox, just means that more time has been dedicated to obtaining necessary certifications, forming partnerships and providing the necessary support for these new versions. Previously, Among Us was only available on PC and smartphones, to get a sense.

Fortunately, this slower period seems to be coming to an end, something that will be marked by the launch of the new Airship map. It is expected to be made available in early 2021, although there is no official date announced. After that, we may see even more news and maps being added frequently to the game.


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