Why Angela from the 90-day groom was at the Biniyama MMA fight in the USA


The polarizing star of the 90-day fiance Angela Dim was seen in the crowd at the MMA match Biniyama Shibre. Biniyam and his partner Ariela Weinberg were introduced in the second season of the TV series “The Groom for 90 Days: Another Way” in 2020. Pregnant Ariela moved to Ethiopia to stay with a man with whom she spent three months. Ariela and Biniyam argued about religion, parenting, money and exes. After almost breaking up in the third season, Ariela applied for Biniyama’s K-1 visa, so he is now in the USA.

When Ariela’s family found fault with how he would earn money in the country, Biniyam said that becoming a UFC fighter was his biggest dream. In Ethiopia, Biniyam worked as a dancer, gymnast, martial artist and choreographer. Before Ariela, Biniyam was married to a woman named Briya. Biniyam has already been to the USA, and his first fight in MMA took place at the Revolution Combat Championships in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Biniyam, known as “Babycool”, won by technical knockout in the featherweight division. In addition, he has been a kickboxer three times in Ethiopia. While Ariela was worried that Biniyam might get injured during the match, Biniyam was not worried because of his professional experience.

Perhaps it also helped that Biniyam had a friend, Angela, who cheered him on from the front row. Since Angela’s name didn’t flash on the screen, as it usually does, many fans scratched their heads, wondering if it really was her. In fact, it was Angela in a bright red outfit and with a trademark high ponytail. Those who follow Angela, Biniyam and Ariela on Instagram knew that this scene was actually filmed on August 13, 2021. Biniyam was first spotted by a fan in New York in July outside a restaurant in midtown Manhattan. Biniyam’s move to the US was confirmed when he began promoting his Flex Fight series “Battle Flex Vol. 3” on his Instagram. Several photos of Angela from the event were also published on the page Biniyam and thanked her for coming to support Biniyam. “You had the best energy in the room,” the comment says.

“She wasn’t there to support him. She was there to feed herself,” a 90 Day Fiancé fan said in a comment about Angela 43 weeks ago. “She wants to stay in the spotlight,” they added. Some fans claimed that Angela was wearing the same outfit as at the 90-day festival “The Groom: Happily ever After?”. Season 6 Tell-All, during which she shamefully showed her breasts. However, to Angela’s credit, this is a different outfit, as the last outfit was more of a coordinated set. After the episode of the 9th season of “The 90-day groom” aired on Sunday, Instagram blogger @90dayfiancénow shared a retrospective video of Angela at the match. Fans wrote comments on it such as “second-hand embarrassment” and “one word: THIRST.” Fans think that Angela “the role on the 90th day is over,” so she tries to make herself relevant, just to stay on television.

However, Biniyam and Angela seem to be good friends. They created duets together in TikTok, and also held sessions on Instagram LIVE, during which Angela gave Biniyam tips on how to deal with critics. It is likely that TLC would have had to pay Angela money if she had been mentioned as an actor during the episode “The 90-day Groom”. However, judging by how the cameras avoided Angela, she could only be there to watch Biniyam win. Angela Biniyamu’s advice was: “Negative people, let them be negative, who cares?” It seems that Angela herself should follow this advice, despite all the criticism she faced after showing the MMA fight scene.