Why Amouranth is the Most Viewed Female Streamer on Twitch


According to EarthWeb, Twitch has become one of the most popular live streaming services available, attracting 140 million monthly users in 2022. Many streamers have managed to attract an audience on Twitch with content that includes streaming video games, chats, music broadcasts and much more.

Statistics on the number of viewers for the second quarter of 2022 for the streaming platform were collected at the end of last month by StreamHatchet, showing that Caitlin “Amurant” Siragusa continues to win competitions such as Pokimane as the best female Twitch streamer – to the surprise of some people. StreamCharts recorded 8.38 million hours of viewing on the Amouranth channel in the second quarter of 2022, compared to 4.53 million hours for Pokimane. There are probably several reasons why it is ahead of the competition.

Successful Amouranth Strategies

According to StreamHatchet, Amouranth ranked 56th among all male and female Twitch streamers in terms of viewing time. The streamer is certainly no stranger to this success, as her name has been popular since she launched Twitch in 2016. Previously, sites like Ginx reported that she was also among the highest earning 0.01 percent of creators on OnlyFans, making over $1.5 million monthly.

Amurant’s rise to fame can be attributed to some luck, but it’s a unique combination of content creation techniques that kept her in the spotlight. Perhaps the biggest help is the fact that Amurant can constantly broadcast, which has provided her with a loyal audience. It is broadcast almost every day, about 70 hours a week, and, according to TwitchMetrics, it has an average of about 9,000 viewers.

While sticking to the streaming schedule is already a powerful factor for community growth, Amouranth’s ability to dominate the controversial Twitch meta-meta and move from one category to another is almost second to none. Although she first became famous for her cosplay and ASMR, she managed to gain experience in a variety of categories, including “Animals”, “Aquariums” and “Zoos”, as well as in games such as “Just Dance”.

Amurant was able to create a community interested in her personality and content. Over the years, the streamer has become incredibly adept at finding popular metadata and has become the best performer in them. This is evident from her performances both in Twitch streams in the Jacuzzi and in the ASMR trends of 2021. At the moment, you can see Amurant streaming in the shower in a bikini or playing games like Raid 4.

There is a saying that “any advertisement is a good advertisement”, which may be true in the case of an Amulet. She is always in sight, including through such actions as a series of investments in gas stations and other businesses, holding her own meeting and activity on social networks such as Twitter. Some of her decisions have been controversial, such as creating NSFW content or streaming herself in her sleep, some of which have even led to her being banned from Twitch and other platforms. Nevertheless, Amurant could always restore her strength and continue doing what she loved.

As the year goes on, it would be nice to see more women enter the top 100 Twitch and YouTube streamers and appear alongside top Twitch channels like xQc, Gaules and Asmongold. According to a Stream Hatchet report, in the second quarter of 2022, 99 out of the top 100 streamers on Twitch were men. We hope that Amouranth, having retained its place among these best streamers, will open the door to others.


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