Why Amir Arison would only have 1 episode


One thing that sets NBC’s The Blacklist apart is that the characters are expendable to some degree. Like HBO’s Game of Thrones, the writers are not afraid to kill an important character for the sake of the story.

For example, Tom Keen (Ryan Eggold) “died” for his character to revive later and was eventually killed again in what seems like a second definitive death within the series. What you see with The Blacklist is not always what you get.

Despite this, Amir Arison was intended for only one episode. Later, she became an important person in the work team. Arison’s initial period was not meant to last long. Once everyone saw what the actor brought to The Blacklist, they created a lasting story for his lovable character.

The actor would have revealed that everything happened in the same chapter that appeared for the first time. As he recounted in an interview, the producers were delighted by the form of improvisation he showed once the cameras were turned on.

“I did a bit of improvisation with the computer and they used it for the story. After seeing that, they called me for another episode, and then more episodes kept coming. ”

That personal life, along with Marnò’s Agent Navabi, never showed much relationship development before leaving The Blacklist in 2018. Still, Aram remains one of the “nicest” people on the cast, crew, and fans.

So far the date of the continuation of season 8 of The Blacklist will be for next January 22, 2021.

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