Why America’s Got Talent judge Howie Mandel wanted to “emphasize the point” with his comments on the female group XOMG POP!


Ahead of the spoilers for the episode of the 17th season of America’s Got Talent on August 23.

America’s Got Talent has entered the third week of qualifying competitions with eleven more participants (including the winner of the Golden buzzer Simon Cowell), the number of which will be reduced to two after the voting is completed. This episode brought back XOMG POP! a female group of singers and dancers, which was assembled by So You Think You Can Dance judge Jojo Siwa and her mom. While they brought energy and excitement, Judge Howie Mandel’s comments were not 100% favorable to them. In a conversation with CinemaBlend, Mandel explained why he wanted to emphasize his point with his comments.

HOMG POP! It consists of seven girls aged 10 to 15 years: Leigi, Kinley, Bella, Tiny T, Dallas, Kii and Brooklyn. After their original song “Candy Hearts” promoted them to the qualifiers in May, “Merry Go Round” did not immediately become a hit live on August 23. Simon Cowell said that he “personally” didn’t like the song (although he considered them “unstoppable” with the right material). For his part, Howie Mandel said that this tone “offends” him, but admitted that the music is XOMG POP! not for him.

When Mandel (who recently opined about watching live in person rather than from home) spoke to CinemaBlend and other media outlets after the live qualifier episode, I mentioned that he indicated that he is not the target audience for XOMG POP! right after the speech, and he replied:

What I think is good, isn’t it? For example, if you heard that I bought tickets — only me and my buddy Dave bought tickets to XOMG POP! concert, I think it would be a little confusing.

Considering Howie Mandel wasn’t the only one on the jury who didn’t like the song because it wasn’t aimed at him, that would really be a bit confusing! While Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara and Terry Crews were full of enthusiasm, Mandel expressed his praise by quoting his granddaughter, who is a fan of the girl group on AGT. When asked if such a specific demographic appeal (which clearly does not include either Mandel or Simon Cowell) would affect the girls’ chances of winning the grand prize, Mandel replied:

No, because I think there is a large audience of the same age and similar who watches this, calls and votes. That’s why I wanted to make an emphasis. I want to be authentic in the show, and I want to say, “Wow, that was awesome!” And I love this song! And I like it! It’s not directed at me. But I wanted to emphasize — and it’s true, I didn’t invent it — my granddaughter Abby, who is seven years old, doesn’t sit down to watch the show. She has no interest. The only performance she’s ever sat through and keeps asking me is XOMG. Of all of them, and I say, “Don’t you want to look at Grandpa? Don’t you want to see me? She has no interest. So, to tell you how it affects the audience, I thought it was kind of a positive, honest judgment.

Howie Mandel’s comments were not intended to dissuade voters from supporting XOMG POP! or to say that the women’s group couldn’t handle their energetic performance, even though they weren’t as complimentary as some of his fellow judges said. (My personal favorite was what Heidi Klum said: “It’s like a pinata exploded and seven little Spice Girls fell out of it.” If only Mel B. was around to hear it, like in the old days!)

He’s not the biggest fan of XOMG POP!, but it looks like they’d get all of his granddaughter’s votes. Even if the majority of the voting audience may not fall under the target demographic of this group of young girls, the audience may be enough to bring them to the finals. Watch their “Merry Go Round” performance, which will decide if they still have a chance at $1 million and a stage show in Las Vegas, or they will go home:

Will this girl group continue to pursue their AGT dream, or will their journey in season 17 end sooner? Their fate is in the hands of fans who can vote using the official America’s Got Talent app and the voting page. NBC.com until 7 a.m. eastern time on Wednesday, August 24. The results episode will start at 20:00. ET, so there’s not much time for votes to be cast and then counted in prime time!

It’s hard to speculate with certainty about who will move forward, although I may have to revise my rating of America’s Got Talent golden buzzer winners, who will most likely win, after Sarah James brings down the whole house with her performance of Elton John’s “Rocket Man”. as the final act of the night. Ventriloquist Celia Munoz was the judges’ favorite thanks to her tribute to Grease and the late Olivia Newton-John, and Howie Mandel predicted that magician Nicholas Ribs could win the entire season after seeing his last performance.

At the moment, two places have been drawn, so be sure to watch the results series on Wednesday, August 24, at 20:00. ET to see whose AGT dreams will survive.


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