Why a termination letter was sent to Johnny Depp’s lawyer on YouTube


Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s long legal battle has made countless headlines over the years, and the stakes got even higher when he met in court in Virginia earlier this year. With cameras in the courtroom, every moment of the defamation trial went viral and the public began to take sides. And in the latest twist, Depp’s lawyer on YouTube recently received a cease and desist letter. Here’s the story.

The current drama surrounds publicist Chrysantha White, who works for a firm hired by Amber Heard to help combat her public image. According to an NBC report, the youtuber behind Johnny Depp, Laura Bokoven, accused White of running a Twitter account called Camilla, who regularly defends Heard in the midst of an ongoing court drama. As a result, the publicist became the subject of tons of hate on the internet and eventually sent Bokkoven a termination and abstinence.

Chrysantha White claims that her family’s address was published online as a result of his accusations, and that she received a lot of hate online from Johnny Depp fans. In addition to the termination and abstinence, White posted a lengthy statement on her personal website, setting a record regarding the account she was rumored to have maintained, as well as her firm’s ties to Amber Heard. Part of this statement reads:

Unreasonable online harassment got out of control when the addresses of my loved ones were posted on the Internet. So, for the record: I am not Camilla and have never communicated with this page. I had no idea that any of the pages existed before this situation, and only found out about their existence and the original thread via email, which was sent to my personal email address.

The statement also explains the education and professional experience of Chrysantha White. As this is explained, she has nothing to do with the trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard at all, even if others in her firm could work in the PR team of the Aquaman actress. The statement ended with White confirming that she was suing Laura Bokkoven as a result.

While this has nothing directly to do with either Johnny Depp or Amber Heard, these latest legal ramifications show just how far their ongoing litigation goes. The consequences can negatively affect people, even those who don’t seem to be involved. And with Depp and Heard’s legal teams filing appeals against the court’s defamation verdict, this type of ongoing discourse probably won’t slow down.

Professionally, Johnny Depp is shooting his first film after the trial, and has also taken up directing. As for Amber Heard, she will have a role in Aquaman 2, although her role may be smaller compared to her last appearance as Measure. In the meantime, check out the movie’s release dates in 2022 to plan your next movie.


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