Why a Homeless Shelter Is Currently Upset about Kanye West


Kanye West doesn’t post much on Instagram these days, as he ended his social media feud with Pete Davidson earlier this year. So when a rapper says something on social media, people notice it. This is an effective tactic, but it requires additional verification of his every word. To that end, Ye’s recent reflections on social media have caused a slight backlash, apparently reminding people that last year he made a promise to a homeless shelter in Los Angeles that he has not yet fulfilled.

These words about helping the homeless apparently caught the attention of the Los Angeles mission, as TMZ reports that Kanye West met with the leaders of the organization back in November to discuss ways to deal with the homeless crisis in the city. Ye apparently visited the shelter, promising to use his companies to help those in need find work, get an education or provide housing.

Sources told the site that little, if anything, has been done since then, and that the Mission has been trying unsuccessfully to contact Kanye West since November. However, this is not all negative, as Los Angeles Mission president and CEO Troy Vaughn told TMZ that they are “extremely optimistic” that the rapper will help them with projects in the coming months. Vaughn said in a statement:

We had joint discussions with Ye about improving the lives of the homeless on Skid Row, especially through design, as he mentioned in his tweet. We are extremely optimistic that E will help us launch the Skid Row revival project in the coming months.

The key words there are “will be,” but given that Kanye West has already done a lot of good for the Los Angeles mission and the city’s homeless in the past, there is no reason to believe that this will never happen. Ye also held a Sunday service on Skid Row in 2019, and the Los Angeles Mission thanked him last November after the music and fashion icon provided more than 1,000 meals to the shelter.

Helping the homeless seems to be Kanye West’s constant goal, as he has spoken about the social issue and taken action several times over the years. His latest Instagram post proves that he hasn’t forgotten about this part of the community, and the Mission CEO seems confident that their partnership with rapper The Life of Pablo is alive and well.

Kanye West has been more in control in recent months due to his divorce from Kim Kardashian. The couple was officially declared unmarried in March, but continues to argue over issues such as financial obligations and custody of their four children. However, Ye seems to have problems with legal representation, since his fourth divorce lawyer, Samantha Spector, resigned in May.

However, Ye’s constant problems with his ex certainly didn’t stop him from throwing rocks at Pete Davidson again when Kanye West returned to Instagram to roast the comedian after his breakup with Kim Kardashian nine months later. Kim’s estranged husband appeared several times on the Kardashian series (available to Hulu subscribers) in its first season, and since Davidson will apparently be included in the upcoming season 2, it will be interesting to see if West is still roaming.


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