Why 90 Day Fiancé’s Tiffany’s Before Photos after Losing weight Get Love


Tiffany Franco’s weight loss surgery in 2021 gave her noticeable results before and after, for which she was praised by fans of the 90-day-old groom. Tiffany, 31, was a single mother from Maryland who traveled to South Africa and eventually met her current husband Ronald Smith. Ronald had a dark criminal past that continues to bother Tiffany, but she married him anyway in season 1 of “The 90-Day Groom: The Other Way.” excess weight. But it seems that Ronald and her marriage fell apart, prompting Tiffany to begin a transformation in fitness.

The last time Tiffany and Ronald were seen together on the 90th day of the groom: happily ever after? In season six, when they found a way to come to the US, Ronald expected Tiffany to move from one country to another, but fans weren’t shocked because wherever the couple went, there was always drama. Around mid-June 2021, Tiffany confirmed that she and Ronald were still together, via Instagram Live. She also confirmed that she was not pregnant, despite the rumors, but mentioned that she was nervous about going to the hospital. Tiffany reported that she was undergoing surgery in the most mysterious way, but added that she “can’t talk about it,” but “can’t wait for the fans to see.” Tiffany mentioned that she would be away from social media for a while.Tiffany’s mother also revealed that her daughter had recently had surgery, without revealing what it was for.

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Fans suspected that they were breast implants, but most knew that Tiffany had undergone surgery for sleeve resection of the stomach. About two weeks later, Tiffany explained on Instagram that she had weight loss surgery, but not because she wanted to look thin. Tiffany had a desire to lose weight for health reasons. She said that doctors removed 70% of Tiffany’s stomach from the inside. Despite the fact that the operation went quickly, the former star of the TV series “90-day groom” admitted that she cried in front of the nurses when they tried to inject an IV because she is afraid of needles. Fans liked that Tiffany spoke so honestly about her experience, and they watched as she continued to share news about her weight loss journey on Instagram. Despite the fact that it is difficult for the cast of the 90-day Groom to talk about their lives due to strict contracts, Tiffany inspires fans, motivating them to take control of their health.

Fans are always commenting on how Tiffany’s photos and progress inspired them to work on their own weight loss journey. Some even commented on their small weight loss wins in Tiffany’s comments section. Fans believe that even the way Tiffany smiles in her new photos proves how happy she is now. In fact, Tiffany and Ronald are back together after he announced that he had filed for divorce by the end of 2021. Ronald introduced his new girlfriend Lauren Fraser on Instagram, even though Tiffany was trying to save her marriage. Fans think that Tiffany’s revenge photos may have helped her get Ronald back. Although most fans disapprove of Tiffany and Ronald’s relationship, they wish only the best for Tiffany and her two children.

Tiffany had a goal to lose 100 pounds when she started her new lifestyle. She has lost 80 pounds in a year and is getting closer to her goal. Tiffany also talked about wanting to have some plastic surgery once she gains 190 pounds, and hopes to look “ripped out” when she does. While fans usually make fun of the “90-day groom” actors who go under the knife, Tiffany’s popularity suggests she won’t have to face criticism when she finally does.


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