Why 90 Day Fiancé Fans Think Memphis’ Sister Is Against Hamza


Memphis Sandoval has been involved in a lot of dirty dramas in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise since her mysterious breakup with Mokni Hamza, and now her sister is getting hot when it comes to blowing up Memphis’ partner. Memphis is notorious for forcing Hamza to get married on the 90th day of the Groom: up to 90 days, despite his objections to a quick marriage. Their marriage broke up suddenly and bitterly shortly after, and fans of 90 Day Fiances are still looking for why they broke up. However, it seems Memphis’ sister shared why the couple might have broken up in an explosive comment.

While Hamza and his family seemed sympathetic in “Up to 90 Days,” Memphis was blown away by viewers. Fans criticized her for speaking to Hamza in broken English and making seemingly reckless decisions. Memphis forced Hamza to marry her, even though he had never met her children and wanted to wait to tie the knot, given the huge communication problems they faced. Despite the fact that they did not even speak the same language, Memphis persuaded Hamza to marry her. Soon after, the “90-day Groom” star discovered she was pregnant. Although Hamza expressed joy at the news, his relationship with Memphis quickly soured after he moved to the United States on a marriage visa.

Reddit user u/Additional_Ad7188 revealed details about the star of the TV series “90-day groom” Memphis and her sister, which may explain why the marriage of Memphis and Hamza failed. Instagram fan discovered that Memphis listed Instagram user @moberto20 as her sister in her Instagram story. The same woman made a harsh statement about Hamza in a comment on Instagram. The woman, whom Memphis called her sister, claimed that Hamza called Memphis “fat” and “ugly” after she gave birth and told her she needed to lose weight. “He does not help you with your common child, and when you complain, he tells you that women in Tunisia are shot in the head for not obeying their husbands,” the woman wrote in her comments on the fan page. While some viewers rejected her claims at the time, many are now wondering what the woman said after Memphis confirmed she was her sister.

While Memphis’ sister had something to say about Hamza, many fans of the 90-day-old groom on Reddit expressed their doubts. It is known that Hamza and Memphis found it difficult to communicate because of the language barrier. It is difficult for some fans to see how Hamza verbally scolds Memphis, especially since it was she who often mocked him. Others said that was why Memphis needed time before rushing into marriage. “I feel bad if he’s actually a piece of shit and offensive, but they’re both responsible for making the wrong choice. I would do everything possible not to get pregnant from a man I barely know, who lives half a world away from me,” said u/Legitimate-Skin-4093. Other fans agreed that Memphis made a hasty choice, rushing to marry a stranger even though her sister seems to be protecting her.

Although many viewers would sympathize with Memphis if any statements about Hamza were true, fans remain neutral. In “Up to 90 Days”, there was Memphis in the relationship, who was always rude, assertive and abusive, while fans only saw Hamza celebrating her body and complimenting her. However, a drama clearly broke out between Memphis and Hamza, as a result of which she stayed in Michigan, and he left for Chicago. However, there were rumors that Memphis fired the couple from the 90-day groom: Happily ever After?, which means that in the near future they will not answer the unanswered questions from the 90-day groom.


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