Why 1,000-Pound Sisters Fans Think Tammy Slaton Has No Self-Control


Tammy Slayton of the 1000-lb Sisters didn’t have an easy road in life. Her weight has put her health at risk, she has strained relations with her family, and her personal life has turned into a disaster. Unfortunately, she didn’t make any effort to make the necessary changes to change her life.

Her food addiction has gotten the better of her, as she constantly gives in to her cravings and indulges her unhealthy appetite. Her physical and mental health is spiraling out of control as the numbers on the scale continue to rise. Her family constantly tried to intervene and help Tammy in any way they could, but it didn’t change anything.

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The 1,000-pound Sisters star has lived for so long, and fans are wondering why Tammy doesn’t want the best for herself. She had every opportunity to change the trajectory of her life. Let’s see why Tammy hasn’t taken the steps necessary for a happy and healthy future.

Tammy doesn’t take responsibility

Tammy has no one to blame but herself for the choice she made. Instead of taking responsibility for her actions, the 1,000-pound Sisters star believes the blame lies with everyone around her. While her sister Amy Slayton has made significant strides on the way to losing weight, Tammy is at a dead end. Tammy refuses to change her eating habits or follow any exercise regime. Instead of admitting that her lifestyle is the reason she doesn’t see any progress, she blames Amy for the food she buys for her.

Tammy has a victim mentality

Tammy sincerely believes that everyone is against her and that she does not receive any support or encouragement. She constantly poses as a victim in the series “Sisters weighing 1,000 pounds” and does not give credit to her family for everything they tried to do for her. Amy has been with Tammy since the beginning of her weight loss journey, cheered her on and was a constant source of help. Her brother, Chris Combs, was also always there for her and worked with her to help motivate Tammy to get healthy and lose weight. Tammy never feels like that’s enough as she keeps criticizing them and directing her anger at them for her failures.

Tammy has no desire to change

Obviously, Tammy has no desire to change. It’s easier for her to get angry because it takes more effort to change her deeply ingrained behavior. Tammy doesn’t have many options left, as everyone has exhausted their resources trying different approaches. The 1,000-pound Sisters star had an individual exercise and diet plan, a supportive family, a nurse at home, therapy and rehabilitation. Her family made sure that she went to all the doctor’s appointments, bought groceries and helped cook food. They even often encouraged her to be more independent, pushing her to receive mail herself and use an electric wheelchair.

Tammy wants a better life for herself, but no one can do it for her if she doesn’t do anything. Her life will continue to pass her by while she sits on the sidelines unless she takes action. Tammy needs to learn to rely on herself, not on everyone around her. Her authoritative attitude, aggressive behavior and lack of motivation stand in her way. After all, the 1,000-pound Sisters star is to blame for her actions and the consequences they have led to.