Whose blue hand was that?! Explanation of the mystery of the aliens Miss Marvel


Warning: Contains SPOILERS for episode 3 of “Miss Marvel”.

Ms. Marvel told how Kamala Khan’s (Iman Vellani) family found her bracelet, but the severed blue hand in the third episode raised more questions and theories than answers. In the 1st season of “Miss Marvel”, the 3rd episode “Destined”, the prologue, which takes place in 1942, shows that Kamala’s great-grandmother, Aisha (Mehvish Hayat), is looking for bracelets in British-occupied India. Although it seems that the British have probably already looted the cave, Aisha and her colleagues find a bracelet, but it is on a severed hand under the rubble.

In season 1 of Miss Marvel, episode 2, “Crushed”, Kamala rescues Kamala from the Damage Control Department Kamran (Rish Shah), who then introduces Kamala to his mother Najma (Nimra Bucha). Najma tells Kamala the story of her great-grandmother and the bracelet in Season 3 of Miss Marvel Season 1, episode 3 of Doomed, and reveals that the bracelet may be their way home before explaining that they are from another dimension and are known as the Genie.

The most likely explanation for the severed hand is that its owner was also a genie. In the original Marvel comics, genies appeared as blue creatures, which could explain the blue hand found on Miss Marvel. Djinn have many different abilities, some of which are stronger than others. While some may live freely, others are forced to serve under the command of another and may be tied to items such as books or lamps. However, while the hand belonging to the genie is the most likely explanation, the blue hand and bracelet may also be a reference to Kamala Khan’s origin from the comics.

Another explanation for the blue hand in “Miss Marvel” may be that it belongs to the Kree. The Kree are a blue—skinned race of extraterrestrial beings from the planet Hala. They are scientifically and technologically advanced, so the bracelet can be their technology. If the hand is of Kree origin, it could be Marvel’s connection to the inhumans that were created by Kree experimenting with ancient humans. This may also explain why Kamala cannot access her powers without a bracelet. Since the Kree created the Inhumans, and the Inhumans could not access their powers without Terrigenesis, a ritual that causes mutation in the Inhumans to reveal their powers, the bracelet may be a kind of Terrigen mist that activates her powers. Most of the Kree are blue in the MCU, and they created inhumans, so the Kree are one, albeit less likely explanation for who the hand might belong to.

However, the scene where Aisha finds the bracelet also contains a hidden reference to Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, which contradicts this theory. In the cave where the bracelet and the blue hand are located, there is a symbol of ten rings on the ground. Captain Marvel previously explained in the mid-credits of “Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” that the rings are unlike any alien technology she has ever seen, so if the bracelet and the ten rings are connected, they are both unlikely to be related to each other. be an alien technology of any kind.

Significant changes have been made to Miss Marvel’s abilities and origins, which makes it unclear if Kamala is still non-human, as in the comics. If it is confirmed that the blue hand attached to the bracelet belongs to the Kree, it could be Marvel’s confirmation that Kamala is not human. However, given the connections between Ms. Marvel, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, as well as the disclosure that Kamala and her family are genies, the blue hand probably belongs to another genie, which means that the MCU probably deviates from Kamala’s views. the origin of comics.