Whoopi Goldberg confirmed to fans that she is working on something new, but what does it mean for the audience?


There always seems to be some drama brewing at The View, and Whoopi Goldberg has been at the center of her fair share. Twice this year, the actress had to apologize on air for her comments, and Goldberg was even suspended from participating in February for her ambiguous attitude to the Holocaust. The Sister Act star confirmed to fans that she has a new project in the works, but will it distract her from moderation of the ABC daytime talk show?

During a Q&A session with the audience during the recording of The View in July, Whoopi Goldberg reportedly confirmed that she was launching her own prosecco line, an eyewitness told The Sun. Sparkling white wine is made in Italy, the actress said in an off-air Q&A, and she reportedly expects it to be released by Christmas. However, don’t expect her to sell a drink on The View, as the “Ghost” actress said she can’t advertise alcohol sales on daytime television.

The new project seems unlikely to affect her time at The View, especially since she won’t even mention wine on the show. And the time of this reception may have been timed to the end of the current season of the talk show, which gave Goldberg more time to devote himself to another career direction. This could be good news for the network, which is finally about to announce the replacement of former co-host Megan McCain. The Emmy Award-winning talk show pulled a little “Danger!” as The View changed a number of guest presenters in the slot, but as the current season is coming to an end, the announcement should be made on August 4.

Another question is whether Whoopi Goldberg wants to stay in the band. Earlier this year, she apparently had strong thoughts about how ABC handled her suspension, and reports said at the time Goldberg was threatening to leave the show after 15 years. However, when she returned to the show a little over a week later, Goldberg responded to her suspension by saying that she was honored to be able to sit at the table and she was very grateful for participating in the tough conversations that happen on the View.

She and Joy Behar have been at the center of the latest controversy since The View was sent a cease and desist letter following comments last week about the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit in Florida. Whoopi Goldberg apologized for linking members of a conservative organization with the neo-Nazi demonstrators present.

With everything that tends to fall in ABC’s daytime hit, it’s hard to believe that The View was never intended to become political. Whoopi Goldberg may not be able to promote her new line of prosecco on the show, but it doesn’t seem like a bad idea for anyone who can enjoy a little mimosa in the morning to see what’s next on the show.

You can see the announcement of the new host of The View on Thursday, August 4, as the talk show will be broadcast on weekdays at 11:00 am ET on ABC. Check out our TV schedule for 2022 to find out which shows will premiere in the near future.


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