Who would Stallone remake into his iconic roles (including Gosling as Rambo)


Sylvester Stallone has played many iconic characters during his career, and here are the actors he would choose to remake these roles. Stallone was a struggling actor until the success of 1976’s Rocky, which he also wrote. It is known that he was offered substantial sums of money for the sale of the script so that a more reputable star could play the main role, but Stallone insisted that only he could do it. Rocky remains perhaps his most famous character, but he has also played several others.

John Rambo made his debut in the 1972 novel First Blood, and although everyone from Al Pacino to Stephen McQueen was considered for a film adaptation, Stallone was eventually hired. Soon Rambo will become a model of 80’s militants with a bandage on his head, a combat knife and a bazooka. Although they did not spawn franchises of films about Stallone, such as “Destroyer”, “Cobra” and “Rock Climber” are also highly regarded by fans of the actor.

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Apart from Karl Urban, who inherited the role of Judge Dredd, none of Stallone’s most famous roles were played by other performers. During a conversation with Yahoo in 2015, Stallone himself gave his suggestions for reworking his most famous roles.

Stallone’s Choice to Remake His Most Famous Roles

Ryan Gosling as John Rambo

During the promotion of “Grey Man”, Ryan Gosling showed himself to be a big fan of Stallone’s action movies. The actor would undoubtedly be flattered if Stallone offered him for the role of Rambo, which even he admits: “Quite a strange choice, right?” It is known that Stallone suggested removing most of Rambo’s dialogues from “First Blood” to make the character more mysterious, so the actor may have been thinking about almost Gosling’s dumb turn in “Drive”, making his choice.

Jake Gyllenhaal as Cobra

“Cobra,” which may get a spin-off on television, was basically Stallone’s attempt to create his own version of “Dirty” Harry, starting with the character’s morality and ending with the casting of “Dirty Harry” colleagues Andrew Robinson and Reni Santoni in supporting roles. Stallone suggested Jake Gyllenhaal as his choice, as he “had a dark side” as a performer and could handle the intensity of an obsessive detective, as in 2014’s “Night Serpent.”

Channing Tatum as John Spartan / “The Destroyer”

“The Destroyer” is a 1993 futuristic action film by Stallone, in which his disgraced policeman thaws out to fight the villain Wesley Snipes. For this role, Stallone chooses Channing Tatum for a makeover, both because of his physique and, no doubt, because of his ability to play both action and comedy.

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Tom Cruise as Gabe Walker from Cliffhanger

In another 1993 blockbuster, Stallone’s character Gabe Walker came face to face with a group of thieves in the Rocky Mountains. Pondering this alteration, Stallone, who will play a superhero in Samaritan, reflected: “You need a psycho for that! Who is not afraid of heights!” With that in mind, he probably thought of Tom Cruise’s infamous climbing episode from Mission Impossible 2, which later marked the beginning of his obsession with performing his own stunts. Of all the reworkings mentioned above, the Cliffhanger reboot with Cruise sounds the most exciting.

Dwayne Johnson as Lincoln Hawk from Over The Top

Having slightly stretched the label of a “cult character”, the epic about arm wrestling Over The Top still has its fans. As for Link, Stallone suggested that a real “beast” is needed for this role, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson immediately comes to mind. It can be argued that Johnson is better suited for this role than even Sylvester Stallone himself.


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