Who Will Take How Much? Terra UST and LUNA Airdrop Details Have Been Clarified!


The amount of the airdrop that will be distributed to LUNA and UST purchasers until May 27 has been clarified. How many airdrops will holding 1000 LUNA? Approximate figures were shared on Twitter by Orbital Command. LUNA and UST investors will receive new LUNA airdrop vesting based on their purchases on the specified dates.

UST and LUNA Airdrop Details

The hard form proposal for Terra is approved and the testnet is launched. Mainnet goes live on Friday. So how much airdrop will be given to investors? All the details were shared by the Terra community account named Orbital Command.

May 7 and 27 will be a milestone. If you bought UST and LUNA before May 7th, it will be considered a pre-attack purchase and you will receive more airdrops. Those who bought UST and LUNA until the snapshot to be taken on May 27, will have less airdrop entitlement because they bought at a much lower number after the attack.

LUNA before the attack- 1:1.1

Pre-attack UST- 1: 0.033

LUNA after attack- 1:0.000015

Post-attack UST- 1: 0.013

For example, if you have 1,000 UST on May 27, you will receive 0.013 * 1,000 = 13 new LUNAs. The figures shared by Orbital Command are approximate based on the proposal details and are not yet finalized.

Important Topics

Regardless of your category, you will receive 30% of the airdrop on Genesis (May 27) and continue to receive the rest for 2 years with a 6 month period. 1 billion LUNA will be the maximum supply and 70% will be distributed by airdrop. Nebula, Sigma, Prism, Astroport, Phoenix, Nexus, Spectrum, Anchor, One Planet, Random Earth and Coinhall will remain on the Terra network after the hard fork.

So, does it make sense to buy LUNA and UST at these levels? For $1000, 6.2 million LUNAs can be purchased at an approximate current price of $0.00015928. Since the purchase is made after the attack, you have 94.1 LUNA airdrop entitlements. If the LUNA that comes with the airdrop is priced above a minimum of 10 dollars, you will not lose your 1000 dollar investment. In other words, LUNA needs to reach a market cap of $ 10 billion after the airdrop and remain above this level for the duration of the 70% vesting. If LUNA falls below $10 billion market value after the new 1 billion hard fork, you will not be able to cover your loss with the airdrops you will receive for 2 years. For this reason, even though airdrop progress has been granted to those who bought UST and LUNA until May 27, it is likely that those who invest today will suffer. Especially at the level of 10 dollars, the losses of investors who buy before the price collapses rapidly will not be covered to a large extent.