Who will prepare Anne and Gilbert’s wedding in the future?


The popular series Anne With An E, saw its cancellation by the Netflix platform, when they were broadcasting the third season of it, but, many fans have been imagining how Anne and Gilbert’s relationship would have been, even until a wedding .

Many fans of the series know that, to take place a wedding between Anne and Gilbert, they had to overcome many tests, especially their long-distance relationship that they were going to maintain.

But, once all their proofs of love had been overcome and strengthened, who would have been the person who would prepare the wedding of Anne and Gilbert?

The theories were immediate about it, in which everyone threw two people, one of them was her friend Cole MacKenzie and Avonlea’s gossip, Rachel Lynde.

It would surely have been Rachel Lynde, since if she had found out about Anne and Gilbert’s relationship after season three, she would already be planning their wedding even though there has been no proposal.

Whereas her friend Cole would have done some kind of special ceremony for herself with beautiful decorations, all to keep her new lifestyle a secret (not so secret anymore).

But it would certainly have been a very beautiful thing to see in a true ending for the Anne With An E series. Who do you think would have been the person to take care of everything?

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