Who voices Buzz In Lightyear (why it sounds different)


Lightyear brought audiences back to the Toy Story franchise, but in a different way, with a story centered on the character who inspired Buzz Lightyear’s toy-however, this Buzz sounds completely different than in Toy Story, and here’s why. Pixar continues to dominate the animation world and releases at least one film a year, and in 2022 the studio released two films: the original story “Blushes” and “Light Year”, which takes place in the world of “Toy Story” and serves as a by-product. the prequel.

“Light Year” is a movie that young Andy watched in 1995 and which made him a fan of the now famous space Ranger, and this is his place in the chronology of Toy Story. Lightyear follows space Ranger Buzz Lightyear and his commander Alisha Hawthorne, as well as their team, as they explore a habitable planet, but after several dangerous encounters with hostile life forms of the planet, they find themselves on this planet. Then Buzz and his team try to find a way home, but these attempts force him to jump many years into the future, where he meets a new team and stumbles upon the evil Emperor Zurg, who is hiding a big secret.

Considering that this is a story separate from the Toy Story saga, but in the same universe, characters like Woody and other toys are not part of Lightyear, and to further separate it from the Toy Story series, Pixar remade Tim Allen, and instead Chris Evans voiced Buzz. in Lightyear, and although the latter has done a great job, this decision has caused some criticism.

Why Chris Evans replaced Tim Allen as the voice actor Buzz Lightyear

Since Lightyear follows Buzz, different from the one in the Toy Story saga, it makes sense that Tim Allen was not brought back, and instead Pixar chose a different actor, as this further helped to separate Buzz Lightyear from the version of the Space Ranger from Toy Story. – however, there were many speculations and rumors about why Allen was not returned, and many believed that this was due to various controversial issues in which Allen was involved. Lightyear director Angus MacLaine clarified all this (via Newsweek) by saying that Chris Evans was a “natural choice” for the role and that they needed a new voice to separate the film from Toy Story, and in an interview with USA Today, MacLaine explained that he did not want to take on the role of impressionist Allen or “superhero type”for Buzz and was instead looking for someone with an “overbearing look” who could also “be funny but not stupid.”

Chris Evans was an appropriate choice for Buzz Lightyear, given the different tone of the character and the film, as he was more serious than the lighthearted and comedic tone of Toy Story and its version of Buzz Lightyear, but for some critics and viewers, Tim Allen’s style was missed. Unfortunately, even Chris Evans’ performance as Buzz didn’t save Lightyear from becoming the lowest-rated Toy Story movie and one of Pixar’s biggest flops, but now that it’s available for streaming on Disney+, it can find a new life and success.


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