WHO recommends not to use ivermectin to treat covid


Champion of sales in Brazilian pharmacies, the drug ivermectin, a vermifuge that is being used to treat patients with covid-19, had its use advised against by the World Health Organization (WHO), in an official statement on Wednesday (31) ).

Although it is a drug responsible for one of the largest public health interventions in African countries and Latin America in the last 40 years, ivermectin has not shown, in clinical studies conducted by WHO specialists, any type of conclusive result against covid-19.

The head of the Covid-19 clinical response team at the UN health agency, Janet Díaz, was adamant in the conclusions of the clinical evaluation of the drug: “Our recommendation is not to use ivermectin for patients with Covid-19, regardless of the severity level. or duration of symptoms ”. The only exception, said the doctor, is the use of the substance in clinical trials.

What do doctors say?

Last month (23), the Brazilian Medical Association (AMB) reviewed its position on the use of the so-called “covid kit” drugs, including ivermectin and chloroquine, whose use is supported by President Jair Bolsonaro. After defending, since the beginning of the pandemic, the autonomy of the doctor to prescribe them, the class association recommended that these drugs be “banned”.

On the same day (23), doctors at the hospitals of the University of São Paulo (USP) and the University of Campinas (Unicamp) came to the public to report that the indiscriminate use of the “Covid kit” drugs caused severe liver damage in four patients, that are in the transplant queue.

To advise against the use of ivermectin, WHO experts promoted 16 randomized clinical trials with 2,400 participants. This first recommendation from the world agency against the drug joins that of the European Medicines Agency and the American regulatory agency FDA, which lists on its website a number of reasons for not using ivermectin in the treatment of covid-19.


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