WHO made a statement about the coronavirus vaccine developed by the British pharmaceutical company


While the development of vaccines for the coronavirus continues unabated worldwide, a new statement came from the World Health Organization about the COVID-19 vaccine produced by the UK-based pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca.

Nowadays, when coronavirus, which spreads to 188 countries worldwide and continues to show the effect of coronavirus infecting more than 8.8 million people, different institutions and governments continue their vaccine development efforts for COVID-19 disease. In the past few days, pleasing developments about coronavirus vaccine were shared from the Institute of Medical Biology of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Institute of Medical Biology, stated that the vaccine has passed to the 2nd stage for manned tests.

Another good news about the coronavirus vaccine came from the World Health Organization today. The World Health Organization said in its statement that the coronavirus vaccine developed by the UK-based pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca is one step ahead of other developed vaccines and other pharmaceutical companies should cooperate with AstraZeneca.

Manned experiments of the vaccine developed by AstraZeneca started:

According to the World Health Organization, the coronavirus vaccine developed by AstraZeneca is leading the research all over the world. AstraZeneca, which the World Health Organization has accepted as a pioneer in coronavirus vaccine research, announced that they have started measured humanized vaccine experiments recently.

Also, agreements have been made with many European Union countries about the sale of this vaccine, which was developed with experts from Oxford University. World Health Organization official Soumya Swaminathan made a statement about the coronavirus vaccine developed by AstraZeneca, “This vaccine is probably ahead of the others”.

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Speaking about the vaccine developed by another pharmaceutical company Moderna, Soumya Swaminathan stated that Moderna’s vaccination studies are also close to those of AstraZeneca. Announcing that Moderna can pass third stage clinical trials in July, Soumya Swaminathan stated that AstraZeneca is conducting a more comprehensive research. Stating that they are also in contact with China and India based vaccine development researches, Soumya Swaminathan gave the message that all companies working on coronavirus vaccine should be united.


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