Who Lucy Hale played in CSI: Miami


Over the years, a variety of stars have appeared in the series “CSI” and in many spin-offs of the show, which means that it is not surprising that the future leading lady Lucy Hale appeared in CSI: Miami in 2010. Lucy Hale’s rise to fame began with supporting roles in the film How I Met Your Mother, Lonely Hearts and several other sitcoms and TV series for teenagers, before the main role in Cute Liars 2010 made her famous on the small screen. However, Hale’s early on-screen career also includes an appearance in CSI: Miami.

Similar to the character of pop legend Taylor Swift from CSI, the role of Hale was an appearance in one episode that occurred shortly before the peak of her career success. A few short months after Hale starred in “Pretty Liars,” the actor played the guest role of Phoebe Nichols, a pop singer and America’s sweetheart, in the TV series “Miami Crime Scene.” Although her character seemingly died in the first moments of the episode, Hale ended up having much more screen time than this brief description implies.

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Hale appeared on CSI: Miami in the episode “Show Stopper” (season 8, episode 12), where the actor played a pop musician whose pushy mother made her strive for fame. Apparently, this led to the death of Phoebe, the heroine of Hale, during a dramatic accident on stage at the beginning of the episode CSI: Miami. However, after the titular group investigates the body of the unfortunate singer, they are disturbed by the discovery that she was dead before the fire that seemed to kill her on stage. Soon the film crew realized that the victim was not an idol of teenagers, as they were told, but actually someone else. Instead, Phoebe’s doppelganger died, and, in classic CSI style, the focus of the episodes then shifts to whether they can save the real musician before it’s too late.

Did Lucy Hale’s character die in CSI: Miami?

Unlike many famous faces that appear in CSI and its many offshoots, Hale’s character Phoebe survived. Phoebe became a rare guest star who survived her appearance in the infamous horror series when the CSI: Miami team rescued her from the basement of a corrupt doctor who was drugging her on the orders of her management team. The CSI: Miami team even discovered that Phoenix’s domineering mother was the real mastermind behind her daughter’s abduction, incarceration, and failed replacement, which led to Hale’s character being released from her control by the end of the episode.

In the final scenes of “Show Stopper”, the future Aria actress from “Pretty Liars” played a more balanced Phoebe, who returned to her village roots and played folk music at small shows, freed from the clutches of her mother. The happy ending prompted some Internet reviewers at the time to compare the character to the real teen idol/pop star Miley Cyrus, who at that time was going through a protracted transition from a child-friendly singer to a more mature, mature musician. However, the character Hale from CSI: Miami never appeared in the series again, and the creators of the CSI spin-off never commented on the similarities between her character and any real celebrities.


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