Who Killed Sara?: Understand The End of Season 2 of The Series (Spoilers)


Who Killed Sara?: Have you watched the 2nd season of Who Killed Sara? and were in doubt about what happened? We explain!

Launched in March this year, the series Who Killed Sara? announced its second season just two months after the first aired due to the great success achieved on Netflix.

The new season, which arrived last Wednesday (19) through the Netflix streaming service, reveals the main mysteries that left fans curious, especially in the final episode of the first season.

Doubts related to the body found in Álex’s backyard and who Sara really is are properly addressed and contextualized, which helps viewers to better understand the narrative as a whole. However, despite the unfolding of the facts, there is no promise that new questions will not arise. The end of the season still holds the question of who killed the main character and the reason for the feat.

Understand the 2nd season of Who Killed Sara?

Despite all the fans of Who Killed Sara? want a clear answer to the main question in the series, there are also suspicions of who was buried in Álex’s backyard and by whom that person was killed. The revelation occurred due to the discoveries of Sara’s clinical condition, who suffered from serious mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia and sociopathy, her father’s genetic inheritance.

One night, Abel, Sara’s father, threatened his daughter to extort money from her. Terrified, she contacted Caesar, who in turn shot him to resolve the situation. However, what was not known was that Abel was also the father of Marifer, Sara’s best friend, and it is at this moment that she enters the story as a fundamental piece.

It was Marifer who made Sara’s death possible by cutting the strings of the paraglider that led to the accident. This was due to a serious argument between friends, in which Sara was unstable and wished the death of the family of, until then, her best friend. However, the character’s involvement does not end there.

Marifer also harbored a certain hatred for the Lascano family because of his mother’s disappearance. For this reason, she acted as “Diana, the Huntress” and obtained privileged information about the family and deflected Álex’s suspicions regarding her.

After discovering that Sara was her half sister, Marifer sought support from her other sister, Clara. The character, pregnant with Chema, welcomed Marifer into the home of the heir Lazcano, where they were surprised by the matriarch of the family. Mariana and the sisters got into an argument, at which point Marifer draws a gun to threaten Mariane, but ends up accidentally killing Clara. Upon learning of the loss of his son, Chema goes to the police and confesses to having murdered Moncho and Abel.

However, contrary to what the public believes, everything is not resolved. At the end of the season, Nicandro talks to an anonymous doctor stating that everyone believes that Marifer was the one who killed Sara and that it is necessary that they continue with this belief.

Such final moments vaguely imply that Sara could be participating in some kind of study, again raising the question that bears the name of the series: Who Killed Sara?

Will we have a 3rd season of Who Killed Sara?


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