Who Killed Sara?: Season 2 Debuts on Netflix Full of Mysteries


Who Killed Sara ?: The thriller series Who Killed Sara? has fallen in the public’s taste in recent months. And fans who were longing for the mystery of the plot, can now celebrate. The second season of the series is now available on Netflix.

According to actor Manolo Cardona, who plays the character Alex, several questions will be answered. “The fans are going to get the answers they want, and Alex must realize that he didn’t really know Sister Sara. The new season will bring great twists and turns and a new adventure for Alex, who will question everything he knows ”.

The synopsis of the new wave of episodes promises more mysteries for the plot and greater depth of the characters: “The past always comes back. 18 years ago, Sara’s death changed the fate of Alex Guzmán and the Lazcano family. Now, in his revenge plan, Alex will need to be careful, as there are secrets that are out of his control – knowing who Sara really was is just the beginning. ”

All characters from the first season are expected to return to the second year. In addition, other actors were cast, including Daniel Giménez Cacho, Matías Novoa and Antonio de la Vega.

Looking forward to watching Who Killed Sara? on Netflix?


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