Who Killed Sara?: Fans try to unravel the drama’s mystery



Who Killed Sara? debuted on Netflix recently and it is certainly already a great success of the streaming platform. Originally dubbed in Spanish, the series proves that the foreign language is successful among Brazilians, alongside La Casa de Papel, Elite, La Casa de Las Flores and many others that break audience records.

The suspense series has drawn attention due to the twists and turns that are shown with each episode. However, even at the end of the first season of Who Killed Sara? a main question remained: whose skull is unearthed by Alex in the garden of the Guzmán?

Some fans tried to answer this big question and we brought up some of the main theories about the new Netflix series. Did someone get it right?

Theories of Who Killed Sara?

One of the comments that seems to make the most sense, despite being very vague, is from a viewer who talked about the possibility of the skull being from a person still unknown. Can she appear only in the second season of Who Killed Sara? and show that there was a lot behind what happened, bringing more twists – as is already common in the series.

However, another accepted theory is that Nicandro’s body is a victim of Alex’s own, as many fans believe. However, another part of the public also raised the possibility that the killer was, in fact, Sara herself, since it was understood that she killed a person. Was this her victim, and was later buried in the garden of the Guzmán family?

There are many things to be answered in Who Killed Sara? and, fortunately, Netflix has already confirmed a second season. We hope for a resolution to the mystery of the skull!


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