Who is Zac Efron’s new girlfriend? Vanessa valladares


Love has come back to Zac Efron’s life, the High School Musical actor could have started a new relationship with Vanessa Valladares, who is his girlfriend and how did the rumors of their romance start?

In recent years, Zac Efron’s personal life has given much to talk about and has become a topic of interest for his followers. The 32-year-old American actor has shared his life with talented women such as Vanessa Hudgens, Michelle Rodriguez, Sami Miró, Sarah Bro and Halston Stage.

Just a few weeks ago, it was announced that Zac Efron and Halston Stage were about to take a very important step in their relationship, which would have started during the first months of 2020 after having been seen together enjoying some romantics. vacation and after several years of knowing each other.

However, rumors suggest that there could be a new girl who has won the heart of the protagonist of 17 Otra Vez: Vanessa Valladares. We will tell you how the 25-year-old Australian girl managed to make Zac Efron fall in love.

After ending his romance with Halston Stage, Zac Efron has given himself a new opportunity in love when he meets Vanessa Valladares, a 25-year-old Australian girl living in Byron Shire, in Australia, where the actor has been for the last few months. A romantic coincidence?

But how did they meet? Vanessa Valladares used to work as a waitress in a coffee shop, it was there that she and Zac Efron had their first close encounters and since then they have been caught very close to each other on several occasions, walking hand in hand and smiling. Aww!

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In recent days, Zac and Vanessa have been spotted on various dates together, the couple would have spent a nice day having lunch at Lennox Head on Saturday, just after returning from their vacation.

Zac and Vanessa reportedly spent a nice time together skiing in Thredbo and have been very close ever since. Some media claim that due to his new relationship with his girlfriend, the actor has planned to live permanently in Byron Shire, a place where he has always wanted to acquire a property. Omg!


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