Who Is Vander On Netflix’s Arcane; Is It A League Of Legends Character?


Arcane: We explore the mystery of who Vander is in Netflix’s Arcane, as well as answering the question of whether he’s a League of Legends character. While waiting for the release of the second episode arc of Arcane, the official League of Legends series now available on Netflix, we have time to analyze various details of the first three chapters. After telling you which game characters appear in the series, it’s time to unravel the mystery behind the character of Vander, Vi and Powder’s adoptive father (Jinx). We tell you what we know and we resolve the question of whether he is a character from League of Legends or a new one for Arcane.

Who is Vander in Arcane?

Vander is one of the main characters we meet in the first three episodes of Arcane. He is a strong man whose role is to run the bar called “The Last Drop” in the suburbs of Piltover. Also, he usually takes care of any orphans he comes across, so sisters Vi and Jinx are no exception. Under his protection, they can live a fairly dignified life despite excessive control by the surface government. Strong, noble, loyal, and determined to do whatever it takes to protect his own, this is Vander.

Is he a character from League of Legends?

There are several theories that suggest that Vander could be one of the best-known characters in League of Legends. If you have already seen the beginning of the series you will know that the fate of the character is unfortunate. However, let us remember that in the game world there are various non-human characters or whose form has changed from its original being. Therefore, there are already several that suggest that Vander could become Warwick, the ferocious werewolf. It is something that we can unravel if we look at the official lore of this character:

Although many think that Warwick is nothing more than a beast, buried under the fury lies the mind of a man, a gangster who left his sword and took a new name to live a better life. But no matter how hard he tried to move on, he was never able to escape the sins of his past, “which fits quite well with Vander’s character. Also, a little girl is mentioned in the lore, who could be both Vi and Powder. Therefore, the theory seems quite solid but we will have to wait to discover the rest of Arcane to see if it is something true or just conjecture.