Who is Tyler Hines from Hallmark Channel? 6 Things You Need to Know about the “Always Love” Star


It’s Amore! Tyler Hines has been a Hallmark Channel staple since 2018, and with more than 10 films under his belt on the network, he’s just getting started.

The 35-year-old actor made his Hallmark debut as a businessman named Zack, who is dragged into participating in a bachelor auction in the movie “Falling in Love with You.” However, Hines’ career in front of the camera began several decades before the release of this film.

His first role on the big screen came in 1998 with the film “Little Men”. In the same year, he appeared in the home team. Hines has achieved success as a television actor, having played roles in Amazon, Valemont, Saving Hope, UnREAL and Letterkenny.

Over the years, the Canadian director managed to return to the Hallmark channel. He starred in his first holiday movie for the network in 2018, “It’s Christmas Eve,” and has never looked back.

Hines’ latest film, Always Amore, which airs on Sunday, April 3, on the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel, marks his 12th starring role on the network. This time he honors the service industry and highlights the art of Italian cuisine together with Autumn Rizer.

“To everyone in the hospitality industry who has done everything possible to keep their doors open in the last few years, successfully or not, this is for you,” the star wrote on Instagram in February after the announcement of the film. “When your doors are open, we will be there.” Ciao, Bella ;)”.

In the film, Hines’ character Ben is called upon to help Elizabeth (Rizer) keep her late husband’s Italian restaurant afloat. Despite the fact that they bumped heads at the beginning of the project, the two seem to have put aside their differences and fallen in love with each other.

Hines described his partner as “very, very talented” and “sweet and sweet” during the March episode of the podcast “Dear Hallmark.” Their on-screen chemistry, however, didn’t help the “Winter in Vail” star avoid an accident on set near the end of filming.

“The last injury I got was in this movie, and it was cool,” Hines told the Remark Show in March. “I got a concussion while filming this movie for the last two days.”

The Flip That Romance actor explained that he was not injured during the filming of the scene, but rather when he was alone on the spot. “I’ve had a few spills in my time, this one really shook my noodles and I was beside myself. … I was alone, only my head in my hand, my hands were covered in blood,” he recalled. “And I was shaken up and very out of my mind.”

Hines added that he was “completely shaken up” when he returned to filming the last few scenes of “Always Love.”