Who Is Theophilus London? Kanye West’s Longtime Collaborator, Missing Since July?


Is Theophilus London safe? Celebrities are often the center of attention, and although their exact whereabouts are sometimes kept secret, there is panic when their whereabouts are unknown. Currently, even Kanye West himself seems to have disappeared, since his financial downturn is speed, and his associates are hunting him for non—payment.

Meanwhile, his longtime associate London has been out of sight for some time. They have written several songs in the past, including “Can’t Stop”, “All Day”, “Tribe”, “Do Girls”, etc. London even writes lyrics for some of these hits. Now the rap industry also has a rap track record of cases of murder and harming rappers. So everyone has a question, where is Theophilus London?

Fears are growing as Theophilus London, a longtime associate of Kanye West, disappears.

Is Theophilus London in danger? Fears are growing as the rapper appears to have disappeared since July. According to AP News, his family reported him missing and police are still trying to figure out what could have happened to him. He has been very active on social media and his last Instagram post was about Burna Boy rocking his customized Theophilus boots. Coincidentally, he also mentioned in the post Virgil Abloh, who also passed away. Both of these celebrities have been close friends and collaborators of Kanye West for many years.

The 35-year-old’s family pleaded with people to let them know if they find any updates or information about him. His family’s statement was published by the label Secretly, in which they mentioned that they last spoke with him in July, when the rapper was in Los Angeles. Although a police officer named Annie Moran reported that he was spotted in the Skid Row area in October. His father sent him a message through a public announcement: “Theo, your dad loves you, son.”

After collaborating with artists such as Ye and Paul McCartney, he was nominated for a Grammy for All Day. Then the ambitious rapper decided to expand and release his own albums. The investigation continues, as relatives and friends hope for his safe return.


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