Who is the stain? Explanation of the villain in The Spider-Verse 2


Sony announced that the villain of “Spider-Man: Across the Universes” is a character named Spot. The expectation of the sequel to “Spider-Man: Across the Universes” is growing with excitement, in which the interdimensional adventures of Spider-Man Miles Morales and the spectacular Gwen Spider will be continued. As part of the Annecy Studio Festival panel, Sony gave viewers a fresh look at the film and even introduced its villain.

So far, all the evidence has indicated that Miles Morales will be fighting against another Spider-Man, in particular, a variant of Spider-Man 2099. But there were rumors about another villain, a more wacky opponent from the comics called The Spot. Sony finally confirmed these reports, saying that Jason Schwartzman will voice a character that no comic book reader expected to see on the big screen. The first image showed Spot fighting Miles and Gwen, and Miles’ attempt to kick him backfired, instead his foot inadvertently touched Gwen.

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Choosing Spot as the main villain serves as a reminder that not every comic book adaptation needs to be 100% serious. After all, this is the enemy that made Spider-Man wince with laughter in his first appearance, even if the Blur then defeated the wall crawler. New viewers can be forgiven for the same reaction, but do not underestimate the video.

Explanation of the origin of the spot in Marvel Comics

The Spider’s origins are rooted in pseudoscience, and as a result, many of Spider-Man’s villains are scientists. The Blur was introduced as a scientist named Jonathon Onn, who worked for Kingpin and tried to scan the powers of the vigilante Dagger to duplicate her abilities. Instead, he managed to read the Cloak of Dagger’s ally, whose body is a portal to the Dimension of the Dark Force. Onn’s attempt to reproduce the Cloak portals unwittingly created a door to another dimension, which he calls the “Spotted Dimension”.

A power leak caused a power outage throughout Manhattan, and the portal began to collapse; Onn jumped into the portal, desperately trying not to miss the opportunity. The experience of passing into the Spotted Dimension caused him to briefly lose consciousness, and he woke up in a realm surrounded by dark portals. When he returned to the real world, he was transformed.

Spot defeated Spider-Man and his ally Black Cat in their first encounter, using his portals to launch attacks that even Spider-Man’s spidery sense could not predict. Although he does not possess superpowers — and, in fact, he is quite weak physically — Spot correctly realized that all he has to do is wear down his enemies. But their rematch didn’t work out as he had hoped; Spider-Man tricked him into revealing all his spots, leaving himself defenseless when the crawler pressed him.

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The Blur may seem like something of a joke, but he turned out to be an ally of some of Marvel’s most dangerous villains-and he was even able to use his powers to defeat the Fantastic Four by trapping them in the Negative Zone. Unfortunately, he was also extremely unlucky; he died several times, resurrected thanks to what seems to be an aspect of his superpowers, and once he himself was trapped in the Spotted Dimension thanks to the Mandarin dialect. This experience caused a mental breakdown, and for a while The Spot could not communicate with others, leaving notes that were just spots on the page.

Explanation of the Spot’s Abilities in Marvel Comics

The Spot’s body is covered with micro-portals, which it controls on an instinctive level. Because of this, it is extremely difficult to fight him, because, as seen in the promotional image for Spider-Man: Across the Universes, he can redirect the attack. The spot can really separate these portals from its body and throw them into the air, effortlessly controlling their movement with its mind. He can then use them to launch a barrage of attacks from all sides, and even Spider-Man’s spidery sense can’t predict his strikes.

He used them for other purposes as well, taking the Black Cat away from the fight so he could focus on Spider-Man, and then hurling the wall-crawler through another portal so that he would crash into the wall. Such an experience disorients the victims of the Spot, because their every sense of direction — their awareness of the top and bottom — is confused.

Who is voicing a place in the movie “Spider-Man: Across the Universes”?

Sony has confirmed that the video will be voiced by Jason Schwartzman, an American actor and musician best known for his roles in Wes Anderson’s films Rushmore, Darjeeling Limited and Moonrise Kingdom. He has also recently appeared in the TV shows “Fargo” and “Righteous Gems.” Schwartzman is no stranger to voice acting – he was originally chosen to play Masklin in the first troll movie, and also voiced Stan in the TV series Duncanville.