Who is the scariest BTS member when angry?


The Bangtan Boys usually express their anger in different ways, who among them is the most scary member when he is enraged? We will tell you below.

The members of BTS are artists who have experienced fame at a very young age, despite their success and fame, the stars of Big Hit Entertainment have not lost the floor, they are still the same boys who want to fulfill their dreams

Before being artists, K-pop idols are people, as they all have strengths and weaknesses, they feel a mixture of feelings, both good and bad, that lead them to be real and sincere.

During an interview with the Bangtan Boys, V revealed which BTS member is the most scary when he’s angry, the singer shared his ranking from highest to lowest and explained why he chose that order.

What do you think is the BTS idol that most frightens Kim Taehyung when he is angry? We tell you which partner of V is the most intimidating. OMG!

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Kim Taehyung thinks Park Jimin is scary when he’s very angry, as his facial expressions become firmer and more defiant.



Kim Taehyung said that Jung Hoseok is the second most scary person when he gets angry. J-Hope is usually very strict and a perfectionist.


For the ‘Winter Bear’ singer, Suga is one of the members of BTS who is scariest when he is angry, because his character is very sincere and he has no problem expressing everything he feels.

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The oldest member of the K-pop band takes fourth place as BTS’s most intimidating idol when upset. For V, Kim Seok Jin is very defiant when some situation makes him angry.


Golden Maknae is one of the most lovable Bangtan Boys idols and ranks fifth in Kim Taehyung’s ranking. What you think?


For Kim Taehyung, the leader of BTS ranks last in his ranking, as the singer has stated that Kim Namjoon has a smart way of looking at problems.


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