Who is the repository in AC Valhalla


The quest “Closing the Shelter” in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla sends players on a detective mission to find out who this Shelter is. This mysterious criminal is believed to be a member of the council of Jorvik, who plans to use the Christmas Festival to poison the city’s nobility with tainted wine. Although there are only four council members to choose from, investigating which of them is responsible is more complicated than it seems at first glance.

Jorvik became a criminal because of a group called the “Red Hand” and their resentment of the Christian residents of the city. The group is led by several figureheads, such as Arsonist and Needle, but both of these characters are eventually supported by a criminal mastermind known as The Asylum. The protagonist of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Avor, discovers that the Refuge must be a member of the council, because the Needle used the seal of the council to trick the people on Jorvik into believing that he has more power than he really does. This means that the Refuge can be Faravid, Rixige, Audun, or even Hjorr (one of Avor’s friends).

Despite the fact that AC Valhalla gives players the opportunity to choose who they think the Shelter is, the criminal mastermind eventually reveals himself. Starting the Christmas feast with a toast criticizing the inhabitants of Jorvik for their sins, Audun reveals himself to the man pulling the strings of the Red Hand. Although this revelation may seem unexpected, hints throughout the chain of Jorvik’s assignments make it clear that the seemingly kind Authun always had evil intentions.

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When meeting with the council members surrounded by Jorvik in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Audun arouses suspicion with his gentle but relentless support for the celebration of the Christmas Festival. What makes this action remarkable is that Jorvik suffers from both crime problems due to the Red Hand and supply problems – there is simply not enough food and drink for the event. His lack of concern for the Red Hand and the state of affairs in his city indicates that he harbors the same reckless disregard for Jorvik as the criminals terrorizing him.

An even more obvious sign is his connection with the abbess. In the “Burning Thug” mission, it turns out that the abbess is Barning the Firebrand in AC Valhalla, who collected Christian scrolls and burned them. But before that, she can be found with Audun, discussing with him his collection of Christian scrolls. The fact that these two seem friendly with each other just before the Arsonist burns a lot of scrolls clearly shows that these two have a nefarious connection with each other. Combined with the foresight that Audun was advocating for the Christmas Festival, it becomes clear that no other council member could have been a Refuge, making this story one of the AC Valhalla worth finishing.