Who is the Red Dagger? The origin and abilities of the new hero Miss Marvel


Warning! There are spoilers ahead for the fourth episode of “Miss Marvel”.

While Kamala Khan has just received a new ally in the new MCU series “Miss Marvel”, the Red Dagger does have a slightly different origin on the screen than the comics. Traveling to Pakistan to see her grandmother, Kamala tries to learn more about her mysterious family history, how it relates to her new abilities, and about the ClanDestine genies who hunted her. Along the way, Ms. Marvel joins forces with the Pakistani Red Dagger.

After the ClanDestines attack on Kamala at her brother’s wedding, the young hero received a call from her grandmother Sana, who told Kamala that she should come to Karachi with her mother. Sana also revealed that she had the same vision of the train that Kamala had during her meeting with the genie. As a result , in episode 4┬áMiss Marvel Kamala and her mom Muniba are flying to Pakistan to reunite and learn more about their secret family history.

However, Kamala’s search for answers about her powers and Aisha’s great-grandmother’s past finds her paths intersecting with Red Dagger, Marvel Comics’ resident vigilante in Pakistan. After learning that the Red Daggers are connected with the Jinn and protect the Earth from invisible worlds, Kamala is helped by her new friend, a rather formidable fighter. The powers and origin of the Red Dagger are explained here.

The Origin and Power of Red Dagger Comics

Red Dagger (real name Karim) first appeared in 2016 in the TV series “Miss Marvel # 12”. Created by J. Willow Wilson and Mirka Andolfo, Kamala’s first meeting with Karim is very ordinary compared to their meeting in “Miss Marvel” in the 4th phase of the MCU. However, there are some similarities. While visiting Pakistan to spend time with her grandmother and extended family in comics, Kamala meets Kareem, the son of a friend who went to school with Kamala’s aunt. He also lives with Kamala’s grandmother while studying to go to university. Thus, only later does Ms. Marvel meet Red Dagger, a parkour runner and knife-throwing vigilante who can immediately tell that Kamala is from another city.

After unification in Pakistan, Red Dagger moves to New Jersey thanks to Karim’s participation in a student exchange program. This allows the Avenger to get to know Ms. Marvel better by revealing more about himself, recognizing that he is a self-taught avenger who learned most of his best tricks and tricks by watching YouTube. Eventually, while revealing their secret identities, Ms. Marvel and Red Dagger also explored a mutual romantic interest in comics.

How Miss Marvel changes the Red Dagger (and why)

Surprisingly, the origin of Red Dagger in the MCU is in many ways the opposite of comics. Instead of being a lone hero who learned to fight on his own, Karim is part of an ancient group known as the Red Daggers. Sensing the power inside Kamala, known as Nur, and the bracelet that revealed her genie abilities, Karim takes her to the Dagger hideout and introduces her to his mentor Walid, who taught him how to fight. It is here that Waleed reveals that they know everything about Miss Marvel’s great-grandmother and ClanDestines. Apparently, the Red Dagger is a mantle given to warriors who are ready to protect the world from invisible dangers that threaten it, like djinn. Thus, Karim is the current Red Dagger, following a long line of Daggers before him.

The Red Dagger is still connected to Kamala’s family in the MCU, but now it’s more fantastic than in the comics. In addition, Karim being part of a secret order of warriors is very different from what is shown in the comics, although this allows him to play a more active role in Kamala’s origin story when she learns about her abilities and history. It’s no secret that Ms. Marvel’s own powers and origins have been changed for the MCU. Thus, it only makes sense that the minor characters will follow their example and also undergo some changes to better fit the new narrative being told, while retaining their main character traits. In any case, it will be interesting to see where Red Dagger goes next with Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel continues, especially after the sudden attack of the ClanDestines in Karachi when Kamala saw a vision of the partition of India in 1947.