Who is the real creator of Love Alarm?


The creator of Love Alarm could be revealed in season two, and fans have shared his theories. The Love Alarm story caught us with Jojo, Sunho, and Hyeyeong’s love triangle, but as we wait for K-drama season 2, new theories have emerged about who the real creator of the app it revolves around is. the history.

During the first season of Love Alarm, Cheon Deok Gu gave us to understand that he was the creator of the application that everyone now carries on their phones, however, after being disappointed in love and being rejected, Deok Gu disappeared, no without first leaving Jojo a shield to protect her feelings from being revealed in front of others.

Later, during the last chapter of the first season, Brian Chon is announced as the creator of Love Alarm during the event that the application organizes with some of its users. It is here that the launch of Love Alarm 2.0 is also revealed, but a demonstration takes the outside of the enclosure and to oppose the operation of this popular application.

From inside a van, a voice describes why they are against Love Alarm, however their face of the person speaking is not revealed and some point out that it could be Deok Gu, is he trying to correct what caused his application or was it never the creator?

On the other hand, some fans have mentioned that it is suspicious that Hye Yeong managed to enter the event organized by the executives of the app. He discovers that Jojo is the person who runs a very popular cartoon account and has therefore been invited to the Love Alarm event.

Hyeyeong runs in search of Jojo after seeing the chaos that occurs at the event via a computer broadcast. Although many of us get carried away by the fact that Hyeyeong circumvented security thanks to the protesters leaving other access points unprotected, there are those who suspect that this boy could have something to do with those who run the application.

Despite this, we must remember that Hye Yeong has always been against the use of Love Alarm and has decided not to have the app on his phone, do you think it could have something to do with the event?

If you are also waiting to know more about this story, find out the details of Love alarm 2 and the delay of its premiere.


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