Who is the most powerful witch in American horror story?


Over the course of ten seasons, American Horror Story has introduced many characters with different skills and abilities, and those who have been widely represented in this universe are witches, but who is the most powerful witch in all of American Horror? History? The horror genre has experienced great success not only on the big screen, but also on television, and the most successful and popular series in this genre in recent years is “American Horror Story”, created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchak. “American Horror Story” has been developing for 10 seasons and is not going to stop in the near future, thereby expanding this rich universe with new stories and monsters (both human and supernatural).

As an anthology series, American Horror Story treats each season as an independent miniseries, but as the series progressed, characters and events were mentioned in other seasons, and some characters even appeared in other stories, forming a related AHS. universe. Each season covers different horror themes and sets, such as a haunted house (Killer House) and a circus (Freak Show), and there was one season that combined the three together: Asylum, a crossover between a Killer House, a Coven and a Hotel. The witches take the lead when they fight the Antichrist himself, Michael Langdon (Cody Fern).

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The witches from the Coven have returned in Apocalypse—those who survived and those who died during and after the events of Season 3-and new ones are introduced that played a key role in saving the world from Michael, and it was this season that determined who the most powerful witch in American Horror Story is: Mallory (Billie Lourd), who was discovered by Cordelia Goode (Sarah Paulson), the Supreme and most powerful witch of the time.

Why Mallory is the most powerful witch in AHS (and not Cordelia Goode)

Mallory comes from a long line of witches originating from Salem, and her powers were discovered by her parents when they caught her floating in her sleep and believed she was a devil worshipper. Mallory later enrolled at Robicheaux Academy, where one of her teachers, Zoey (Taissa Farmiga), saw her potential when she turned flower petals into blue and then into butterflies. Her talents and strength impressed Cordelia, who was Supreme at the time, and chose her as her successor. When Michael attacked the Academy, Mallory, Cordelia, Coco (Leslie Grossman), Madison (Emma Roberts) and Myrtle (Frances Conroy) escaped and came up with a plan to infiltrate Outpost 3 and defeat Michael, and for this Cordelia put Mallory and Coco under an identification spell so Michael wouldn’t know who they were. Mallory’s memories were restored after Cordelia resurrected her and she was taken to a safe place so she could cast the Tempus Infinitium spell.

Tempus Infinituum is a rare power that allows a witch to travel through time and control its flow, thereby changing the course of history or reversing events. This is such a rare power that it was considered a myth among the descendants of Salem, and only when Mallory manifested it, there was no confirmed case. Cordelia sacrificed herself, so Mallory became the Almighty and her full powers were released, allowing her to perform Tempus Infinituum, return to 2015 and kill Michael, thereby resetting the timeline of “American Horror Story” and allowing her to save Quennie and bring back Nan and Misty Day., too. While Cordelia was once the most powerful witch, as she was Supreme after her mother’s death, Mallory’s abilities surpass anything Cordelia could have imagined, as she masters not only the seven wonders, but also other rare magical abilities, and although she was helped by other witches, Mallory’s power is that which ultimately defeated the Antichrist himself, and she saved the world. Mallory knows that the Antichrist will return at some point and will be ready when the time comes, so Mallory may have more opportunities to show that she is the most powerful witch in “American Horror Story.”


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