Who is the boy in the blue suit? V draws attention


BTS’s performance at the VMAs was amazing, but Taehyung caught the attention of many people who are not fans of the group.

MTV’s award ceremony for the Video Music Awards gave us an incredible performance by BTS with Dynamite, the latest song from this idol group. The Bangtan Sonyeondan boys shone with their participation, but V managed to captivate some hearts after appearing on screen.

The participation of K-Pop groups in international awards gives them the possibility of showing themselves in front of an audience that is not necessarily there to see them, but who may be in for a big surprise after meeting them.

That was what happened last night during the broadcast of the 2020 VMAs, where in addition to ARMYs who were waiting for the Big Hit Entertainment group, other music lovers gathered to enjoy the awards event.

BTS showed an amazing performance singing Dynamite, winning over the group’s fans and many others who watched this show.

After its on-screen appearance, ‘The guy in blue suit’ became one of the most talked about topics on the internet because many people wanted to know who the handsome BTS member was wearing an outfit with said description, but fans took it upon themselves to spread the most important information about V in response to these comments.

Kim Taehyung’s name also climbed in trends after BTS’s performance with Dynamite, as in addition to his physical attractiveness, compliments arrived for the performance by this idol.

As a consequence of this sudden curiosity from non-fans, V’s songs also quickly gained attention, so Inner Child and Sweet Night took the US iTunes chart again.

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This is not the first time something like this has happened, since on other occasions where BTS has performed at foreign awards, audience members have caught the attention of those who watch the show and want to know more about them.


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