Who Is The Berry family? TikToker Family Went Viral Pretending to Be Wolves


TikTok users have fallen in love with Berry Family, a TikToker group who pretend to be a pack of wolves. Here’s what you need to know.

Although TikTok started life as a social media platform for artists, showcasing dance routines, new songs and other creative hobbies, over the past few years it has become much bigger.

Now the ByteDance—owned app is a popular destination for viral videos, and almost every interest is covered in one form or another – no matter how niche or unusual it may seem.

One of the newest and most unusual corners of TikTok that attracts attention is the Berry family, which publishes videos depicting wolves.

Who is the Berry family in TikTok?

That’s right, if you haven’t heard of the Berry family, you’ve avoided the rather unusual part of TikTok for now.

As the name suggests, this is a family of five women — Mom, Miracle, Faith, Paige and Lacey— each with their own wolf personality that they use, including the pack leader, puppies and others.

They have only about 118 thousand subscribers, but some of their videos have gained more than 30 million views. Their recent uploads averaged about 2 million views, but they became the object of hate as users questioned the posts.


♬ We are the wirdos – KILLER QUEEN

“Something went wrong with this family,” one user said in their recent video. “It hurts to watch, as always,” another added. “Multiple amounts of pain and suffering on my part to see this,” commented another.

The family responded to some of the comments by shooting a video with a caption saying they weren’t particularly bothered by it.

Despite this, they have a lot of real fans, and they thanked them several times for their support. Thus, the videos are not disappearing, and their growth is likely to continue.


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