Who is Stormfront? Season 2 of The Boys


The 2nd season of The Boys arrived on Amazon Prime Video and, with it, we also had the arrival of a new member of the Supes group, Os Sete.

In the first episode, we were introduced to the new heroine Stormfront, played by actress Aya Cash, who entered the vacancy left by the death of Translucent in the first season of the series.

It took a few moments for the new character on screen to realize that it promises to threaten Homelander’s leadership.

But after all, who is Stormfront, the new heroine of season 2 of The Boys?

The difference in The Boys’ comics

The Boys series is an adaptation of the comic books created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. In the comics, Stormfront was presented – that’s right, presented – in the 7th edition. He is a man, of unknown origin, but who has connections with Nazi Germany.

In the series, as we could see, the character is a woman and must have connection with racial supremacist groups. The gender change was made so that Homelander felt more insecure with the presence of a woman with a strong personality at his side.

The Stormfront superpowers

Stormfront’s powers are linked to climate control and natural phenomena such as storms, lightning and thunder. She also uses wind control to be able to fly.

Due to her powers, she can be compared to Thor from Marvel and Shazam from DC.

Popularity on social networks

The character is highly popular on social networks in the series and will try to use that to her advantage to take the lead of the Seven.

As we have seen since the release of Season 2, she performs for Homelander and Queen Maeve while doing a live on Instagram for her followers. And that ends up making the leader of the Seven extremely uncomfortable.

What the fuck? The newest member of The Seven just posted this. Any clue what’s going on, mates? pic.twitter.com/SppWuhNgiZ

– The Boys (@TheBoysTV) June 26, 2020
So, what do you think of the new character? Will she achieve her goal of taking Homelander out of the lead?


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