Who is Richer, BLACKPINK or Twice?


BLACKPINK and Twice is a K-Pop girl group. According to Forbes, BLACKPINK since debuting in 2016, they have been the Billboard 100’s all-time top-charting female K-pop artists. The more BLACKPINK gains worldwide prominence and success, the more money it will earn.

BLACKPINK’s Group Earnings

Talented BLACKPINK girls have high lucrative sponsorship deals like Samsung, Chanel, Adidas, so you can be sure that their net worth will increase as their fame increases.

Jennie, Rosé, and Jisoo are each worth about $10 to $11 million. Jennie actually grew up in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in South Korea. Besides, it is known that K-Pop executives get a significant portion of the income in the K-Pop industry.


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Each of the BLACKPINK members has huge social media followers and lucrative endorsement deals. Rosé is the brand representative of YSL, Jennie Chanel, Jisoo Dior, and Lisa MAC, and CELINE. While Jennie’s solo album took 2nd place in South Korea, Rosé’s new solo album “R” started breaking records and topping the world charts.

However, it is known that one of them earns slightly more than the others. Lisa made a big splash at Paris Fashion Week and started working with Prada. Lisa has an estimated net worth of $16 million and Lisa is the highest-paid member of BLACKPINK!

However, BLACKPINK earns $32 million in annual profits and splits it equally, of course a portion of it goes to the executives. Also, each member has their own luxury brand deals and can be considered a meaningful amount of extra income.

BLACKPINK as group earns:

32million $

Now, 10+10+10+16=46 million $+32million $=78 million$.

TWICE’s Group Earnings

TWICE‘s net income as a group is $35 million, while the group members’ earnings are less than that amount. According to CelebNetWorths.Com, the other eight TWICE members have a net worth of between $1 and $1.8 million, and Tzuyu‘s is $2.3 million. Thus, Tzuyu is the richest member of the group by net income.

Tzuyu’s Family has invested 2 million won in Plastic Surgery at 3 locations in Taiwan. Tzuyu’s Mother is currently working as a manager in Plastic Surgery, and her Father is working with her mother. Tzuyu was rich even if she wasn’t an idol in Korea.


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 Twice makes $35 million annually. Now,

1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+2=10 million$+35 million$=45million$

So, Twice earns 45 million.

Psychical album sales,

Twice:2 million $

BLACKPINK :1 million

Twice=45+2=47 million $

BLACKPINK =78+1=79 million $

Brand reputation :

Twice=3 million

BLACKPINK =8-10 millions

(Brand reputation has huge difference so here is the proof. Also blackpink members all are global ambassadors of world’so top 20 luxary companies and always booked in commercials and jennie+jisoo has the best brand reputation in female idols)


Twice=47+3=50 million$

BLACKPINK =79+8=87 million $




This is a huge difference but BLACKPINK really earns much more because of YG’s solo promotion trick😪.


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