Who is Poopy? What the Best new star of Jackass Forever used to do


Who is the new best performer of Jackass Forever stunts, Poopies? While the splendor of “Weirdos Forever” is that even ten years later, the original team of “Weirdos” got back together, the new team is the main event. They take on some of the most difficult tricks and bring in a crude naivety that completely changes the dynamics of Cranks. After the dismissal of Bam Margera and, unfortunately, the death of Ryan Dunn, there is a hole in the cast, but the new faces are excellent.

Along with Poopies, who easily stands out, the newcomers to Jackass Forever are Jasper the Dolphin, Compston “Dark Shark” Wilson (Jasper’s father), Eric Manaka, Rachel Wolfson and Zach Holmes. They take on roles of varying importance, each of which is given at least one big trick, and the final part of the milk puffing/paintball war involves almost all of them. This is an exciting group that looks delightfully surprised even that they have the opportunity to chat (and crush penises) with OGs Jackass Forever.

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While all the new Jackass Forever stunt performers bring something special, Poopies makes the biggest impression. Partly because of his forgetfulness, partly because of his Chris Pontius-like playfulness, he’s great whenever he’s on screen, and it’s noteworthy that for most viewers, he pretty much came out of nowhere.

Where did Poopies come from before Jackass Forever

This isn’t the first Poopies rodeo with Jackass. He appeared at Shark Freak Week and became the first person in history to be attacked by a shark while filming a movie – hot praise. During a trick called “Shark Jump”, Poopy tried to jump on a wakeboard through a flock of Caribbean reef sharks, but failed and was bitten by one of the fish on the arm. The bite left him with a badly damaged tendon and two severed arteries in his arm.

Before becoming an instant legend of the cast of Jackass Forever, Poopies was part of Jamie O’Brien’s Red Bull surfing series Who is JOB. It was a by-product of his own hour-long film, which attracted considerable attention from the extreme sports community. Poopies made a name for himself with the same commitment to practical jokes that made him a Jackass fan throughout his youth. Unsurprisingly, his trajectory will eventually make him one of the cast of “Weirdos Forever” (even for the shark that tried to eat him).

How the Poopies from Jackass Forever Got Their Name

Poopy’s real name is actually Sean McInerney, and he deservedly got his pseudonym thanks to the Weirdos. While watching with friends, as he told in an interview with Stab Magazine, he announced that he needed a bathroom. His friends convinced him to put on a gorilla mask and poop in the middle of an intersection, he was arrested and immediately got the nickname “Poopy”. The success of this nickname is such that his real name is not even mentioned in “Weirdos Forever”. If “Weirdos 5” or a revival of the series follows the fourth film, the Poopies should return in a big way.

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What has Poopies been doing since Jackass Forever

The star of the movie “Weirdos Forever” Poopies has been very busy since the last movie of the franchise was released. The stuntman has an active YouTube channel called “The Poopies Channel”, which he regularly updates with stories about his recent (evil) adventures. He recently gave an interview for the podcast “The Shi**iest Podcast”, in which he talks about his recent efforts as a surfer and about the time spent on Jackass Forever. He also occasionally collaborates with Steve-O on videos such as “Steve-O Took Me On Tour” and “My Top Ten Worst Slams On Land *With Steve-O*”. It’s nice to know that he keeps up with his “Weirdos” co-stars like Steve-O from time to time, opening the door wide for “Weirdos 5.” In addition, he still posts a lot of videos about surfing, visiting such popular spots as Mexico. , Venice Beach and Waco Surf. Of course, he still performs tricks like “Weirdos Forever”, and in the last fall he saw a scorpion sting a surfer on the lips.