Who is Patrick Schwarzenegger playing in the spin-off for boys?


Patrick Schwarzenegger is due to appear in a spin-off of The Boys called The Boys Presents: Varsity, but who will he play? Being the son of the main action movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger, Patrick will undoubtedly bring serious star power to whoever he plays, be it a human or a superhero. Although there are many characters that Patrick Schwarzenegger could play in The Boys Presents: Varsity, the character he plays is one of the most interesting.

Although about Gifts for boys: University School not so many details are known, what is known causes a lot of noise around the spin-off. Varsity will be the second side series of The Boys, preceded only by the animated anthology series The Boys Presents: Devilical. The series tells about a group of young adult heroes studying at the Godolkin University Crime Fighting School, run by Vout, where superheroes will compete in various games and challenges. While The Seven is a parody of the DC Justice League, the Varsity superhero team will be called the G-Men, which is a clear parody of Marvel’s X-Men. Although most of the main cast of Varsity has been announced, there are no hints as to who they are playing, with the exception of Patrick Schwarzenegger.

Although not confirmed, initial reports and subsequent rumors suggested that Patrick Schwarzenegger would play the Golden Boy at the University. If he does appear, Golden Boy will become a new character in The Boys universe who has never appeared in either comics or TV series. In fact, Golden Boy has only ever been mentioned in an ad for The Boys hosted by Cameron Coleman, a news anchor in the universe who frequently appeared in The Boys season 3 ad campaign. Due to the lack of Golden Boy, this advertisement is really the only place where you can find information about Golden Boy.

In this news report, Cameron Coleman talks about the competition at Godolkin University, mentioning that Golden Boy is preparing to become the best candidate in next year’s superhero draft. Golden Boy seems to be Godolkin’s superstar, acting as one of the best assistants on campus and bearing a name that matches his ideal persona. According to unverified claims (via The Illuminerdi), the Golden Boy’s abilities come from thermonuclear powers, a set of skills that have not yet existed in the Boys’ universe. The Golden Boy is 22 years old and he apparently keeps his cool despite his abilities, although it is more likely that he will match the so-called heroes such as the evil Homelander. While none of this is confirmed, if true, the Golden Boy from Varsity sounds like one of the most exciting characters to have entered The Boys universe in a long time.

Patrick Schwarzenegger’s role as the Golden Boy has been widely publicized, which means that it is most likely true. While it’s exciting, Golden Boy is likely to be just one of many surprises that the ultra-blood spin-off The Boys will bring. The Boys Presents: Varsity promises to be a fantastic side series, and Patrick Schwarzenegger’s thermonuclear Golden Boy will be one of the most anticipated parts of the show.