Who is Mina Dhawan? Explanation of the New Flash Speedster


Attention: spoilers for season 8, episode 17 of the Flash

In season 8 of The Flash, a new Arrowverse speedster appeared in the person of Meena Dhawan. After spending an episode trying to find her, Barry Allen finally came face to face with the mysterious speedster in black in the final scene. The character played by Kausar Mohammed was introduced as an ally, not an enemy.

The 8th season of The Flash, the 17th episode titled “Keep It in the Dark”, apparently unexpectedly added a new member to the Flash team. Immediately after discovering a new mysterious speedster in Central City, Barry discovered that this person is the CEO of Fast Track Labs, Mina Dhawan, who has endowed herself with powers and now wants to use them for good. Her brief encounter with Barry proved that she is far from his level of strength and does not have the same understanding of her abilities. Their meeting ended with Mina agreeing to let Barry become her mentor. As a result, the door is now open for Mina to help Barry and Allegra fight meta-humans on the battlefield.

Meena Dhawan’s comic book version sheds light on what to expect from Barry Allen’s new protege. In DC comics, Mina is a superhero codenamed Fast Track. Introduced in 2016, Mina was the love interest of Barry, a scientist and speedster who worked with him at the S.T.A.R. Lab. She acquired speedster abilities after being struck by lightning during a Speed Force storm. After joining forces with Barry, she played an important role in Barry’s battle with the Black Hole organization, and was also a mentor to Wallace West (a version of Wally West inspired by the character from Arrow).

Flash has already told his story about the Black Hole in season 6, but it seems that there is still a place for a Mine in the Arrow universe. As for what the show had planned for her, she could use her newfound speedster abilities to take part in any battle that would follow the Flash Team. This may well be due to the Reverse Flash of Matt Letcher, whose return was confirmed by a promo for the next episode. He is apparently the “partner” that Mina had in mind when she talked about her efforts to create an artificial source of speed.

Mina, who creates her powers with the help of an artificial speed source, is different from the comics, but corresponds to her character. True to who she was in the comics, Mena Dhawan from Arrowverse was described by Barry as a genius. With a brilliant mind and speed abilities, Mina can become a valuable asset for Barry and the Flash Team in the remaining episodes of the season, and possibly in the 9th season of the Flash.