Who is Mejiwoo’s fiancé? J-Hope’s sister


Jung Jiwoo is on the eve of living her wedding, BTS’s J-Hope’s sister has not revealed who her future husband is, what is the identity of the brother-in-law of the Bangtan Boys member?

Mejiwoo is a powerful Korean influencer who in addition to having a fashion company, is known for being the sister of J-Hope, rapper and main dancer of the Bangtan Boys. The Jung brothers are very close and have a special connection.

A few days ago it was revealed that Jung Dawon is going to get married next year, the designer and model confessed that she was in the preparations for one of the most important days in her life, so thousands of BTS fans congratulated the future bride for her plans for a new family.

The identity of Mejiwoo’s partner is a mystery, because not much or nothing is known about him, this topic causes a lot of curiosity among Internet users, because because of the affection they feel for Hoseok’s sister, they would like to know who is the boyfriend of the popular girl.

Dawon is very active in social networks and on some occasions she has shared images where only a few gifts are seen, details that her fiancé sends her, she even published a photo of her partner’s body, but there is no other trace that helps them. Netizens to know who is J-Hope’s brother-in-law.

ARMY is very happy for Mejiwoo’s commitment, because she is one of Hoseok’s dearest people, even though they both have different agendas and busy days, the feeling of brothers will never disappear.

Due to the mystery surrounding Mejiwoo’s boyfriend, some fans believe that a BTS member could be the partner of the Big Hit Entertainment idol’s sister, as netizens found some clues that would supposedly link Mejiwoo and the band’s leader. –

Is this true? This information is only a rumor and are speculations of some people within social networks.

Before and after Mejiwoo announced their engagement, J-Hope’s sister has always preferred to keep details about her love life private. However, she has expressed her joy at being about to take a very important step in their relationship, which is why she has received all the support from her fans. <3

What is known so far is that Jung Dawon will get married in 2021 and we are sure that the person with whom she has decided to share her life forever will make her very happy.

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