Who is Kylie Jenner’s new boyfriend? Meet Fai Khadra


Kylie Jenner takes a trip to the city of love and unleashes romance rumors with Fai Khadra. The socialite decided to take a break after being locked up for months due to the current health pandemic, but it seems that her vacation is more than a getaway, it could be an opportunity to spend more time with the faithful friend of the Kardashian family, the possible Kylie’s new boyfriend.


Through her Instagram account, Kylie Jenner shared a series of photos and videos of her trip to Paris, where she enjoys art, fashion, the city’s landscape and some hamburgers, allowing herself to break her diet, but she is also living love since he posed next to Fai Khadra, which could confirm their courtship.

In the photos, the couple is on a terrace to admire the view of the Parisian city, without losing their style, Kylie wore a silk top and black jeans, while Fai was behind her and with a hand on her waist. Did you finally decide to take another step in your friendship? It is not the first that the businesswoman shares photos with her, increasing the love rumors.


Fai Khadra is a great friend of the family, they have known each other for years. He is a model who has also been related to Kendall, including Jordyn Woods, Kylie’s ex-best friend. OOPS! The boy is originally from the UAE and seems to have great chemistry with the Jenner sisters, but it seems like things with Kylie evolved into something else.

Suspicions of dating increased after the socialite made sure that everyone knew that she was accompanied by Fai on her trip to the city of love, where they had the opportunity to meet the famous “Gioconda” by Da Vinci, in addition to performing some characteristic Kylie purchases.

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One of her friends also appears in another of her photos, so it could be a vacation with friends. So far, Kylie has not denied or confirmed the rumors, but decided to spend her stay in Paris in the company of Fai Khadra. It could also be a birthday trip, as she recently celebrated her 23rd birthday.


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