Who is Katarina Mazepa? 5 Things You Need to Know about Lenny Hochstein’s Girlfriend After her Divorce from Lisa Hochstein


A new couple in town. Confirming his breakup with Lisa Hochstein, Lenny Hochstein announced that he had already broken up with Katarina Mazepa.

“This is a very difficult time, and I would like to ask for some privacy so that we can take better care of our children, who mean the whole world to us.”

The statement was made a few days after the “Real Housewives of Miami” star reportedly confronted 39-year-old Lisa for partying with Mazepa at a Miami nightclub, Page Six reports. The plastic surgeon explained that initially he did not want to discuss the ups and downs with his ex-wife.

“Lisa and I are getting divorced. A few weeks ago I denied it because I am trying my best to protect my family during this process,” he added. The former couple, who got married in October 2009, have two children: Logan, 6, and Elle, 2.

For her part, the Canadian native also noted major changes in her life, telling us on the same day: “With two young children, as a mom, I’m going to focus all my energy and time on them. I am stunned by his behavior and reckless attitude to the situation.”

Viewers watched Lisa and Lenny’s relationship unfold on screen after they joined RHOM in the second season. Their fertility struggle was a big storyline before they welcomed their children through a surrogate mother. Later, Lisa said that their marriage almost broke up due to a short separation, as a result of which Lenny had an “emotional” affair.

“Many people had a lot of questions about what stage of our marriage we are at, and many of them arose so long ago, for example, eight years ago. So they really aren’t a problem in our lives right now, but I had to deal with it because people wanted to know. And I signed up for a reality show,” Lisa explained to Us in March, a few months after the RHOM reboot aired on Peacock. “It definitely opened up old wounds. I didn’t want to talk about it, but I knew this topic would come up because some people knew about it. I wanted to talk about it on my own terms before someone just asks me about it in a scene or in a band.”

Scroll down to find out everything you need to know about Mazeppa against the background of her romance with Lenny:

1. What does she do?

Mazepa, 26, is a fashion model who uses social media to share her photo shoots.

“Some of my biggest achievements in the industry are my recent worldwide campaign for Guess, participating in Elle and Harper’s Bazaar magazines, winning the Miss Vienna crown and participating in the reality show The Hills: New Beginnings,” she told Naluda Magazine in September. 2021, offering some tips to aspiring models. “For sustained success, it is important to figure out for yourself how far you are willing to go and where to draw the line, especially when it comes to your health and today’s beauty standards. Stay true to yourself and your core values.”

2. Where is she from?

Mazepa was born in Austria, later lived in Singapore, Barcelona, Munich, Italy and South Africa. She eventually moved to the US and currently resides in Miami.

3. What did she study?

Against the background of a successful modeling career, Mazepa received a degree in environmental engineering at the University of Vienna.

4. How much money does she earn?

In October 2021, Mazepa spoke about how the COVID-19 pandemic forced her to reconsider her approach to earnings.

“I earned my first million at the beginning of this year, in the summer. Social media has helped a lot. It was incredible,” she told Fabulous, noting that at the beginning of the same year her number of subscribers increased from 40,000 to 1.7 million. “It’s just surreal, I’m way beyond what I dared to imagine. It fills me with gratitude, but I never take anything for granted.”

Mazepa also has an OnlyFans account, which she uses to share behind-the-scenes footage from her modeling career.

5. Who was she previously married to?

After the meeting in Vienna, Katarina exchanged vows with the American diplomat Shilo Mazepa in 2019. Later that year, the duo moved to Washington. Two years later, Katarina filed for divorce and is currently separated from 33-year-old Shiloh.