Who is Juliana Nalu, who was recently spotted with Kanye West?


Kanye West doesn’t need much time to get into the news. In fact, the real struggle may be to keep a rap artist out of the spotlight. Whether it’s controversial actions and statements, his endless feuds with other celebrities or his personal life with E around, it doesn’t get boring. The latest chatter, of course, is related to Juliana Nalu, the mysterious woman next to Kanye West.

Since he broke up with Kim Kardashian, the list of romantic partners of rapper Donda has not been short at all. Less than a month ago, all these trials went to another Mademoiselle named Candice Swanepoel. However, these whispers disappeared as soon as they started. Let’s find out more about this new love interest in the life of a music producer.

Who is Juliana Nalu and is she dating Kanye West?

West’s Twitter and Instagram accounts are currently blocked due to offensive and anti-Semitic statements made by the rapper. However, the Power singer can barely stay away from the news cycle. On Saturday, paparazzi filmed Ye along with his current beauty Nala as they left the popular Giorgio Baldi restaurant. Nalu even teased their relationship when she retweeted a photo of their supposed date with a black heart emoji.

Juliana Nalu is a 24—year-old model, originally from the sunny beaches of Rio, Brazil. With over 480,000 Instagram followers, including West, she is associated with several modeling companies such as Elite Model Management, Mix Models, MGM Models and others. In fact, she even graced Milan Fashion Week for a clothing brand called 6PM. The gossip surrounding her and Kanye’s equation ranges from muse-artist relationships to dating.

Although the reports have not yet been confirmed, it is assumed that Nalu and West first met in Paris. We already know about the infamous and protracted scandal with White Lives Matter on October 3. In the period from September 30 to October 3, there were many photos of Juliana on the Internet, in which she is also depicted in a very fashionable Paris. She has a couple of videos on Instagram with Kanye’s songs Devil in a New Dress and I Wonder. There’s even one where she wears Yeezy sunglasses.


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