Who is Joey King’s boyfriend? Your dating history


Joey King, knows the love history of the actress of “The Kissing Booth”, who or who have stolen her heart.

The actress was born on July 30, 1999 and at only 21 years of age she has risen to fame with “El Stand de los besos”, “The Act”, her best-known works, but has had appearances in movies such as “El conjuro “,” Slender Man “and” Seven wishes “, among others.

The actress started her career from an early age, but when the lead of “The Kissing Booth” arrived, she not only boosted her career, but also knew love and went through some broken hearts, not only in fiction, but in life real.

If you want to know more about her romantic status or if, like “Elle”, she has managed to overcome the obstacles to be with the boy of her dreams, we leave you the History of boyfriends, dates and love rumors of Joey King:

Taylor zakhar

He is the one who has given the most to talk about, Joey and Taylor have become inseparable since the premiere of “The Kissing Booth 2”, they both met on the recording set and the chemistry crossed the big screen. The dating rumors began after both published various photos and messages on their social networks.

Even Taylor admitted that he would love to date him because she is so cool. They celebrated Joey’s birthday and took a trip to the mountains to enjoy the waterfalls, since then fans have been dreaming of them confirming that there is something more than friendship, butooo… Joey apparently explained in an interview for The Howard Stern Show that there is no I would date another actor. Snif!

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Jacob Elordi

His story not only unfolds in the movie, but also in real life. In 2017, they met when the Netflix saga began. Joey admitted that even though it all started as a friendship, he realized he liked her and they gave each other a chance. Everything was going well, but after more than a year of relationship, they decided to separate in November 2018.

The fans believed that they could return after filming the sequel, something that could be difficult for both of them after the breakup, but Joey explained that he learned a lot from him during their relationship, the happy ending was only for “Elle” and “Noah.” Currently, the terms between them are confusing, as Jacob may have joked about not seeing the sequel.

Steven Piet

After the break with Jacob Elordi, Joey continued with his life and his projects, one of them was “The Act” that allowed him to meet director Steven Piet, with whom he began dating at the end of 2019, since then, they have shared some photos of their trips and appointments on Instagram.

It was until April 2020 that the actress confirmed their relationship in an interview for InStyle, since then, both have kept their courtship as private as possible, some even thought they had ended after their reunion with Jacob.


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