Who is Emma Hernan’s date, Micah McDonald? 5 Things You Need to Know about the real estate developer “Sunset Sale”


Is everything fair in love and real estate? During her short tenure—so far—on Selling Sunset, viewers watched Emma Hernan try to find love. In season 5, she established a noticeable connection with developer Micah McDonald.

“I never flirt with clients. I’m always strictly business, but it’s hard not to flirt with Mika,” said the 30—year-old founder of Emma Leigh & Co. during the confession in the third episode of the last season, which was released on Friday, April 22. “I usually don’t confuse business with pleasure, but Mika is a little different. We had one or two meetings and I thought, “Oh, my God. He is not only attractive, successful and confident, but we really have a lot in common. I mean, basically, he’s just checking, checking, checking every damn box.”

Emma, who joined the Oppenheim Group full-time for season 4, first met the Texas native when she went on a tour of the multimillion-dollar property in Beverly Hills, California that he was building. While she admired Dom’s impressive features, she was also intrigued by his physique. Emma and Micah had their first date on camera during a special tasting of mezcal at his Sagrado establishment, which has since opened in California.

Before contacting Mika, the Massachusetts native was focused on her growing business.

“But I’m sure, of course, that me and Chrischell [Stauss], you know, [now we’re] single together [and] we’re going to have fun like girls.

While Emma was happy with her unmarried status, her personal life was the main topic of conversation on Selling Sunset. Upon arriving in season 4, she ran into co-star Christine Quinn after it was revealed that both women were dating another Oppenheim agent, Peter Cornell. The 33-year-old author of How to Be a Boss Bitch claimed that she was engaged to 45-year-old Cornell when he left her for Hernan.

“They were never engaged, he made that clear. He laughed when it was mentioned, and everyone knows it. It’s not even up for discussion because the chances are literally zero percent,” Emma previously told us in December 2021, denying the claims and noting that Peter “wants nothing to do” with the show.

After Emma and Peter broke up, she tried online dating and joined Paradise, where she allegedly established a connection with Ben Affleck.

“He could write to me, or he could not write,” Emma said during a scene in the fifth season. — He may or may not have asked for… coffee several times. We have a connection to Boston. It was very nice.”

The Netflix personality claimed that the 49-year-old “Last Duel” star, who has since denied her claims, sent her a message before he reunited with fiancee Jennifer Lopez last year.

Scroll down to find out about Emma’s new fling:

1. He is a real estate developer in California.

While Emma was inspecting the almost finished mansion he was building, he first planned its features in 2016. “More than 5 years later, the vision has become a reality! She came out even better than expected,” Mika wrote on Instagram on Saturday, April 23.

2. He opened a mezcal bar

Micah invited Emma to visit his bar Sagrado Mezcaleria on their first date. In addition to tasting his cocktails, they also tasted her vegan pancakes with meat. (Her dish is currently on the menu of the establishment.)

3. He loves animals

“Uncle Mika shows you both love for puppies,” the businessman wrote on Instagram in March 2021, celebrating National Puppy Day.

4. He is a fitness enthusiast

Mika often takes selfies from workouts and motivational tricks on her social networks.

5. He still meets Emma by chance

By the finale of season 5, viewers saw how Emma got closer to the developer on the second date.

“Mika and I definitely have something special,” she told Entertainment Tonight after the episodes stopped. “We definitely still enjoy each other’s company. It is clear that I have made some progress. We got closer. But it’s right there. So, let’s see. Maybe season 6, there will be a label, a ring. Who knows?”